Weird lost hiker story

What I don’t understand is why the news reports aren’t including some obvious information that could help:

[li]Where did she emerge from the woods? A trailhead, a road, a farmhouse?[/li][li]How many hours elapsed between when she left her father and when she found her way out?[/li][/ul]
That information alone would really narrow down the search area and maybe help jog peoples’ memories of the structure.

I can’t tell from the drawing if the structure goes down into the ground, but this story sounds like she’s trying to set up a lead to where he is but away from something she’s done to him.

<snip>… 65,000-acre Allegany State Park is known for its primitive, forested valleys, un-glaciated landscape, fall leaves, and wildlife. <snip>

<snip> … Searchers have walked through 4,000 of the park’s 66,000 acres and have not come up with any sign of the Rev. Thomas B. Hamilton. <snip>
I agree with an earlier comment. Why on earth didn’t they provide more information to the public? Like what area in all of the 65,000/66,000 acres!!! Doesn’t the daughter know where they went into the woods? What’s wrong with her? At 92 years old, they couldn’t have hiked too far, right? I wish I hadn’t read this. It’s so sad…

This story makes less and less sense. How far could a 92 year old walk? On a casual hike I doubt he would have gotten more than a half mile into the park. He shouldn’t be very far from their car.

It’s Not looking good right now.

My 92 year old grandmother goes to yoga twice a week, on the NYC subway, by herself. She wouldn’t have a problem with a hike or several miles, as long as it was reasonably level.

Don’t underestimate some of the elderly.

90-Year-Old-Hiker Takes 60-Foot Fall…and can’t wait to get back out there. Columbia Gorge (the park in my linked article) ain’t exactly flat.

This was my first thought as well. If she could remember the details of that structure she should be able to remember where she came out and how long she hiked after she left him. It’s starting to sound really fishy to me.

Yeah, I’m kinda wondering if Pop might be sleepin’ with the fishes or something as opposed to lost in the woods. Maybe there’s a will, and she’s tired of waiting.

I didn’t want to say it but yeah…

The search is being scaled back now.


What does that mean and how do they reckon they’ll gather this “new information?” If foul play is involved, this seams a very odd way to go about it, considering he’s 92.

I’m sure the police are asking if they normally go hiking a lot and if they normally go to this park. I wonder if anyone else saw them hiking there that day. I’m wondering if they’re going to find the receipt for a new pair of hiking boots for Dad.

On the other hand, in regard to old folks going hiking, I belong to the [NYNJTC]( and at one of their annual meetings I was on a hike that was mostly old people; the oldest was 89 and he was in better shape that I was. I heard a story about one of their friends who was in a nursing home, he cut a hole in the chain link fence out back and led some of his fellow "inmates" on hikes through the woods back there.

“New information” could be any tips they receive from anyone else who knows the park or thinks they saw them that day. Doesn’t look good.

Like waiting a few years? Really, how impatient would you have to be?

Some children be they old are still idiots. My family was walking a trail when we met a nursing home patient shuffling along behind his old son about 1.5 miles down a trail in North Kettle Moraine state park Wisconsin. The dad was wearing nursing home slippers and complaining about his feet in as much as a nursing home patient can. He had slippers with only a cloth bottom on large rocks up and down hills in the full sun on this trail. His dad may have liked doing this years ago, but he and the nursing home should have realized this would endanger his health and life.

I find it hard to believe how the area to be searched needs to include the whole park. How far can this lady have hiked, and why don’t they say the entrance and exit points of her?

That does not sound innocent from here. Did it really appear innocent in person?

Maybe they’re waiting for someone to make a confession.

If the daughter has pressing financial trouble, she might be in a hurry. Alternately, they might be long-lived - my paternal grandfather lived a few years past 100 and was pretty darned healthy until about 100. He even went bicycle-riding with us grandkids in his late 80s, and would walk or bike into town for lunch too. Of course, he didn’t go off-road and people knew his routines, so if he fell ill along the way he’d be found by a passerby pretty quickly.

Right now there is no federal estate tax. Barring a last minute legislative change, there will be a 55% tax, after the first million dollars (ie, $2 million dollar estate pays 55% on $1 million, or $550k in taxes) starting on the first of next year.

So if the old guy had a large amount of money, being impatient would be quite profitable.

Yes it did.

Breif research shows he had little assets, certainly not in the millions.

Possibly some closure?