Weird lost hiker story

Poor lady. Looks like she really did her best to lead searchers back to him.

Maybe a macabre question but now that they found the body, did they identify the stone structure the daughter drew?

If they were bushwhacking it could be nearly anything, I remember hiking off trail through woods and even in presumably patrolled national and state parks you’d find all kinds of strange stuff(bathtubs, gutted cars in the middle of a mature forest?:confused: what seemed like a laid concrete foundation:confused:).

A 20’ long 3’ high blue concrete structure? Surely they had to have seen it. I’ve perused the google map of the area, but resolution isn’t that great.

If they published exactly where his body was found, it might narrow things down a bit.

I read another story - it says “near the summit area of the Art Roscoe trail system”

That’s here:

I dont’ think the resolution in this area is good enough to pic up something that small, though.

Confirmed. Sad story, sad ending.

Great update, thx.

sad, tho. :frowning:

Such a sad story. I can’t help wondering though if it was purposeful. Has anybody mentioned the "Sturcture and whether it was found close by? This just feels to me ike an assisted suicide.