Weird martial art in "The Prisoner"

Thanks to the link provided in the RIP Patrick McGoohan thread, I’ve been watching The Prisoner on the AMC website.

Never saw the whole series before. In the last two episodes I’ve watched – “Hammer Into Anvil” and “It’s Your Funeral”, we see Number 6 engaging in what seems to be a bizarre martial art involving two trampolines, a tank of water and a ledge. Jumping on the trampolines, two opponents sort of cat-and-mouse each other, jumping over the water tank, jumping up onto the ledge, finally trying to wrestle each other into the water tank.

They call it something that sounds like “Kahsha”. Was this made up for the show, or was it a real martial art? Anybody ever heard of this?

Kosho! Completely made up, almost certainly by Mr. McGoohan.
Deleted Wiki page about it.
YouTube of a match.

CMC fnord!

Wow boring, the actual grappling occurs on the ground. I guess they never double-jumped someone to take the trampoline out from under their feet.

Thanks! Nothing like the SDMB for getting obscure cultural knowledge.

One of the saddest things I have ever seen in my life, in an uproariously hilarious way. I mustn’t have seen that episode as a kid, or my subconscious has blanked it out.

That was…really something. Sort of Dada.

Whatever you call it, it’s awesome. I’d love to try Kosho.

You know, I originally read one word in the thread title a completely different way than it was supposed to be read. And it REALLY, REALLY changes the meaning!

I just stopped and wondered how the hell they could show that on TV in the 60s…

Oh, my stars. They look like two little Inuyashas.

I guess the idea was to come up with some form of competition that was unlike anything in reality and on a limited budget. This was well before “American Gladiators” started doing the same thing.