Weird Microsoft Outlook problem (printouts)

I have never seen the problem described below and am totally stumped so figured I’d ask those who know everything.

When I print an e-mail from Microsoft Outlook the text in the message body comes out something like 5 font sizes larger than it should be. The text in the header info (TO, FROM, DATE, etc.) prints out at normal size. It is only the message body text that is affected. The text displayed on the screen looks totally normal and is as expected. Printing from any other application has no problems at all…everything comes out as it should. This happens on every e-mail and the e-mails are not being sent with weird fonts/font sizes.

I have been through seemingly every menu in Outlook and print settings and a few in the Control Panel trying to find something to correct this. The closest thing I found was something that suggested I could set fonts to "Smallest, Small, Medium, etc.). Fiddling with this did not change anything I could see and the problem definitely still occurs. FWIW I have not re-installed or made any changes of note…the problem just popped up a few days ago of its own accord (done a virus scan with the latest virus definitions too…all clear).

Any ideas?

I think the settings for printing is in the Print menu. Go to File, Page Setup, Define Print Styles. Click on Memo Style - you can change the fonts sizes used for printing in there.