Weird new spam

I have been getting a lot of weird new spam in my spam folder.

It takes the name of someone on my contact list, like Bob Smith, then changes it slightly to “Bop Smyth”. The the subject line is <<247>> always with the <<>> and a different number, then some line like “contemplate that abrasive material”, in others words, real English but nonsensical.

Any idea of WTF?

Does it come with any links?

It’s probably just an attempt to get around spam filters. The spammer is probably thinking that nonsense text won’t hit any of the keyword filters.

What’s in the body of the messages?

They are spam, I dont open spam.

I haven’t seen that one yet, but I have encountered another new type which is somewhat disturbing.

The subject line has my email address and a password. The password is indeed one I’ve used in the past. The email itself is one of those bitcoin ransom deals, claiming they hacked my webcam or something and will send pictures to my contacts.

Clearly, they grabbed one of the leaked password databases and used that to customize the message. So it’s not surprising, but I did do a double-take when I saw it. Someone less diligent about password hygiene could be suckered badly. The message claimed details about porn watching habits that might hit home for some people, and possibly embarrass them enough to not ask others if it’s a scam.

There’s a thread for that.

That’s the one. It would be more interesting if the password weren’t ancient (i.e, from a more recent and non-public leak), but lots of people keep the same password for years at a time, so I’m sure it works occasionally.

Only if you can be embarrassed by going to a porn site. Or if you have even gone to one using that same password.

Lots of people just use the same password for everything. And most people would be embarrassed if all the details of their porn watching habits were broadcast to their family. Even fairly mild fetishes aren’t really something most people want to be known to everyone. The scammers are smart enough to ask for a “reasonable” amount; not a pittance, but fairly cheap compared to the potential damage to your reputation (under the right circumstances, and assuming you actually believed they had the dirt).