Weird Posts On Pblic Message Boards-Scams?

I have noticed these weird posts, showing p on pblic forums (local newspapers, etc.-are they scams?
The company products cheaper price, reputation first, quality first, welcome friends order.
Fashion, trends, avant-garde; the global epidemic.

Woman Boot $40 + Air jordan(1-24)shoes $33

bag 30 + Tshirts 16

Low-heeled shoes $40

Air Max SHOE(Air Max 24-7,Air Max 2011,Air Max 2010,Air Max 2009 )$38

Jean (True Religion, ed hardy, coogi) $ 30,

Sunglasses (Oakey, coach, gucci, Armaini) $ 16,

New era cap $ 15, jacket(Gucci,G-STAR,Ed Hardy,ARMANI,AF ,) $40

Woman Boot: (Christian Louboutin,NIKE,LV,Jordan,)$4
Has anyone ever traced these things?
Are they legitimate or scam websites?

Why are you talking like a spammer?

Most likely counterfeit.

Seriously? Do you even have to ask?

I’ve reported to have the links broken.

And I was hoping you said legs