Weird question about vaginas

Well I may as well just go right out there and ask it. Can alcohol be absorbed by the vagina? Can a girl get drunk by douching with some alcoholic drink? Also would high proofs cause a burning feeling?

Seems like if you have already gotten to that point then you don’t really need to get the girl drunk anymore. :smiley:

The answer to those questions are yes, yes, and yes. Much more than this would be TMI; I’ll leave it to your imagination.

It would seem possible, but I think she would have to spend considerable time doing a head stand to keep the stuff from running out before the alcohol could be absorbed. High proof stuff would probably burn like the bejesus - until the alcohol numbed everything.

If she had excellent muscular control, she might be able to just “clam up” and swish the stuff around inside to speed the absorption and avoid the head stand.

I guess imagination wasn’t enough.

Reclining will do, and you don’t have to “fill’er up”, which I suppose could be dangerous. A little dab’ll do ya (a little at a time). From what I observed, the hard stuff was warm but numbing (what, you’d want to try this with BEER?!)

BTW, it would be better to use Fleischman’s than Chivas Regal unless you’re too rich to care.

Another thought… Whisky, vaginas… Anyone here know Ted Kennedy?

Anthropologist Michael Harner proposed that witches were depicted riding broomsticks because there was a real practice of oplacing drugs (such as aconite) in paste form on the stick, then “riding” it. Women didn’t wear undies under their skirts in those days, so the paste made contact with the vagina, and was absorbed, Harner said, through the skin there. If this is true, then you could absorb not only alcohol, but other drugs through the vagina. I’ve read that one can also absorb such things through the intestinal wall, so you could, if you wanted, have a hallucinogenic enema. Or get drunk through your bowels. Somehow, I don’t see this catching on.
And about the broomstick thing – I wouldn’t be so worried about psychoactive drugs as I would about splinters.

Cecil’s take on this.

I got confused with “oplacing” thinking it was a drug category like opiates. I searched Yahoo! (nothing) then Google, and lo! A one-word Googlewhack! It turned out to be a typo, which made me feel totally stupid because then I realised yours was too.

So much for a new and exciting category of illegal substances!

I heard of people getting drunk from wine enemas…so I suppose a ‘vagina enema’ would have
the same effect.

Here’s more than I ever wanted to know about Alcohol Enemas, vodka-laced tampons and other oddities.

Sounds like a waste of both perfectly good alcohol and perfectly good rectums & vaginas if you ask me.

If I wanted to get drunk, I’d drink it.

If I take an enema, it’s because it’s necessary.

If something is in my vagina, it better be giving me an orgasm. (or a reasonable facsimile)

I think it’s best if never the twain shall meet.

Sounds like someone is planning an experiment with a hot-tub, if you ask me… :wink:

What about LSD? Would the blotter-in-the-cooter trick work? Would it be any different from putting the paper under your tounge?

I have heard of people putting acid in their eyes (called “windowpane”–in fact it’s even in my Oxford American Dictionary!) but never Down Under. Has anyone ever heard tell of this?