Weird SD search results

Thinking of starting a thread in CS asking about good recipies for the single person and I did a search for “single person recipies” before posting it.

I got back one result searching straight dope and it was “Panties: My Young Daughter Asks…”

What other strange things have people stumbled on while searching Straight Dope (completely unrelated to the searched term)?

Nothing to add in the way of examples, but I will offer a search tip:

If you use the drop down option to limit the search to thread titles, and you pick a word or two that is pretty likely to show up in the title of relevant threads, you may get better/quicker results. As an example, searching only Cafe Society for threads with “recipes” in the title produces 400 results.

Here’s your problem. Spelling.

You spelled “recipes” as “recipies.” Another poster did this some time ago, so you’re stuck with that thread.

If you want the results for “single person recipes” then here you go