Weird Spam

Almost looks like it’s in code. :smiley:

That’s it! That’s it! At last! I can complete my calculations! My formula will be complete!

I gave up trying to make sense of spam long ago. These guys have all sorts of tricks: the message can be gibberish, the point could simply be to see whether the email gets delivered or opened. They then know the address is active.

or if they get posted to message boards, proving they’re bypassing the spam filters.

Why is it that the spam filters can’t recognize gibberish like that? I mean, there are bad typos, and then there are bad typos.

Because the filters have to be loaded with the words to look for. It’s easy to look for “Viagra”. Not so easy to come up with every variation that can come out of a keyboard. Repeat for penis, breasts, Ugg boots, Air Jordan, every electronic device known to man, etc.

The email subject title Best Casino might have been a clue. :slight_smile:

This is a coded message. I don’t posses the code, but I’ve seen it before. Often they will post it on Google Groups or anywhere it will stay for awhile. You were sent the message in error.

That’s my guess anyway.

You mean it might be secret instructions to “attack at dawn”? :eek:

Just because it was something posted to Google Groups doesn’t mean it ISN’T spam. They’re not magically better at detecting spam than mail-servers are.

And that’s why this crap gets thru - not only should the spam filters look for obvious words that are likely to be spam, they should also be able to determine the number and type of typo’s (hell, we’ve got spell checkers, right?) - and if the body of a text contains such massive typos and, in this case specifically, special chars inserted into the txt strings - that should set the spam filters on high alert.

hell, in my perl days, writing a regex to do this type of filter would have been child-play (split the string into words, check each word for x, count the number of x, set a threshold on kicking it.)

Not saying that it should kick for simple typos (even a lot of them or I’d never get an email from my SIL), but things like this one are clearly ‘spam’.

The only ‘other’ reason that it might not be spam is if for some reason the char encoding got messed up - and the local OS is doing its level best to compensate - but I seriously doubt that.