Weird thing (sorry I can't be more specific...)

What’s up with this?

The following appeared as post #901 in the “Coronavirus general discussion and chit-chat” thread.

And also as post #1342 in "The Biden Administration - the first 1,500 days [NOT an Afghanistan discussion]

Clicking on the link takes you to “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

I’ve seen that in several threads this morning. It looks like several trolling posts by “RangerLoops” got pulled out of the threads, placed in their own thread, and then cornfielded. As I can’t find a user named RangerLoops, I suspect that it was a new user (probably a sock), who also got cornfielded.

Just a returning sock/troll punted into the cornfield. No biggie.

Cool technique!

Must be one of those Halloween Cornfield Maze thingies, amirite? :corn: :jack_o_lantern:

Or a Park Service employee who gobbled down too much multicolored round cereal this morning.

I happened to be up at whatever ridiculous hour of the late night / very early morning (depending on your perspective) this sock was shitting all over the board, and I was lamenting the fact that no mod was around at that hour. I was sure this stuff would be around until later in the morning. But hark! Within minutes @engineer_comp_geek was on it, the sock was banned, and all the crap was very quickly out fertilizing the corn fields. Kudos to ecg for the prompt action! :slight_smile:

Sleep well tonight because your National Guard Doper Mods are awake.

Doesn’t “sock” mean that it was actually a Doper or former (banned) Doper doing this?

I ran into the same thing a couple of months ago; a sock (might very well have been the same person) showed up around midnight, and started posting trollish stuff in a ton of threads. I flagged a number of them, but I think it may have taken a few hours before a mod was able to address them.

The kind of person who posts that sort of stuff is the kind of person who quickly gets banned under every username they create, even if it weren’t known they were a sock.

The original meaning of “sock puppet” was separate accounts that would converse directly with each other (like a one-person puppet show, with a puppet on each hand), but returning bannees are far more common, at least around here. I can only think of one case, off the top of my head, where the socking was the original reason for a ban.

I can assure you having been a volunteer admin at other sites that this is probably the case everywhere.

You can also delete those stub posts if you want, after deleting the topic it was moved to.

I can haz been edumacated. Ignorance fought! If I see a trollish post, I will report.

Please do flag stuff that seems out of line. You have excellent moderators in this wonderful community, and they do good work. Count yourselves lucky!! Flag away! There’s no negative consequence if a flag is declined.