Weirdest plastic surgery I've ever seen.

Weirder than Wildenstein, more disturbing than Michael Jackson, on the far end of what foot binding accomplishes, is the living Betty Boop. (Maybe NSFW?) I really hope it’s all fake and the images were created by someone with too much time and too much software. I also know people are bizarre and will do just about anything to themselves to pursue beauty.

Good Lord, put some NSFW tags on that link.

I don’t see any surgery, only extreme corsetting.

Edit - okay, I managed to drag my eyes up far enough to notice the horrible boob job.

She doesn’t look like Betty Boop in anyway.

She does look like she’s been all used up and dumped somewhere to die. I can’t help but think she looks at her ass now and thinks it’s to big.

Snopes says she hasn’t had any surgery. I think she looks awfully good for a 71-year-old, personally.

Bah. I didn’t know corsets could resculpt to such an extreme degree. It’s amazing she can digest solid food.

The lady has been in the limelight before. Every once in a while she’d end up in print.

I’m late to the party, but yeah. It’s called “tightlacing” and it’s a not-entirely-unheard-of fetish.

She appears to be wearing a collar too, so I’m guessing that’s a part of it.

I think this is the same lady I read about a few years ago. IIRC, she’s now at a point where she’s physically incapable of properly supporting herself without the corset for more than very short periods of time.

The article I read on her said she only removes the corset to bathe.

I cannot imagine how uncomfortable sleeping in one of those things must be.


She looks like a wasp (and not in a good way). That is fairly creepy. The pierced nipples on that 71 year old don’t reduce the creep factor either. :eek:

She needs a bigger head to be Betty Boop.

I was expecting someone who had a face like Betty Boop’s. I was waiting to be terrified. There was an episode of CSI about corsetting one time.

I still would, though.

I keep hearing “There was a CSI about [weird thing]” Is there a definitive list or something?

I was going to post “Thank Jebus it’s not her head!”

There was a CSI about definitive lists. I think it was in Season 4 or 5.

Can you imagine the conversation with her plastic surgeon? “My head isn’t big enough. I need a much, MUCH bigger head!” I suggest she start with Michael Jackson’s surgeons - those guys don’t care what they do to anybody.