Welcome Back Coldfire!!

Do we really need an excuse to start a party here?

Probably not. But let’s do it anyway.

Welcome back mate!!!

The little dutch bastard is back? I bet he’s sitting on the potty right now cleansing his system of margaritas and frejoles. Hey let’s do celebrate anyway! Got any chea…umm cold champagne?

Welcome back coldy. :slight_smile:

Cool! A party!! For Coldy even. Welcome back, didja have a great time, when are you posting the pics, how much tequila did you drink, did you get a tan? :smiley:

Thanks, dpr, great idea! Btw, this makes post number 1500!!! Just for you, Coldy!

So, where’s the veggies and dips and the 151 and coke? <hey, a girl’s gotta have priorities here> :wink:

Ummm…is this outfit ok? <turning around slowly in her new purple slinky short dress with the low v-neck, and high heels>

Welcome back ColdFire!
Did you learn anything about the wonderful cultural experience that is Mexico? Do anything fun and non-touristy? Drink lots and lots of tequila and cerveza? Well okay I’ll shut up now, I’m rambling, but good to have you back.

Que bueno que ya regresaste! Los demas han estado divirtiendose diciendo cosas horribles de ti. :wink:

Bueno, en serio, por favor dime que recordaste nunca decir “puta de madre”.

Welcome back brat boy!

Welcome back. I was in Cozumel last week. I have almost recovered from all the tequila and sex on the beach that was consumed at Carlos and Charlie’s.

You know, worms ain’t that bad if you are drunk enough.

Oh man! I want to go back to Mexico now!!! Carlos and Charlies! I was in a drunken mambo contest there…well, in Cabo, that is.

Anyway, welcome back Coldy, I will drink this Dos Equis in your honor. (What’s left of it, at least.) :wink:

Good to have you ‘back on board’ Coldfire - I only started that stupid Rush Thread to get you to answer one of my threads :D.

Hope Mexico was as wild and as calm as you wanted it to be!


Wherte are you Coldy, you mook??? :wink:

Welcome back Flame-Without-Heat. After you’ve had a chance to sleep it off, tell us about the trip.

What? No lusty tales of drunken adventures in the wilds of Mexico? No steamy latinas? No all night orgies of cerveza and burritos? Where are the scandals man?

Welcome back coldy!

Though we don’t need an excuse to party it up, it’s always nice. :smiley:
I’ll be sure to drink a shot of whiskey for you. :slight_smile:

I’ve been sleeping all day, that’s why I didn’t see this earlier. We had a fantastic time. Seadiver, your country is now definately in my top 5 of Great Places to Visit. And I didn’t say “puta de madre” :wink:
Plus, as hard as I found it to believe beforehand, there are actually plenty of Mexican women that are just as pretty as SeaDiver! Of course, I didn’t really look at them. I was with my girlfriend :wink:

A short description:

We landed in Cancun, where we stayed the first night after picking up our rental car. A Chevy Pop, which is an Opel Corsa over here in Europe. Like a true Opel, it rattled a lot, but never broke down - we did 3300 km’s in 2 weeks. One parking scratch (280 pesos - lucky break there!) and one fine. Well, a bribe, really. For 200 pesos, I didn’t have to pay a fine, and would get my drivers license back on the spot. As opposed to an entire evening at the police office, filling out forms and such. I hope your 20 cold Coronas tasted well, Unnamed Motorbike Officer in Chetumal. Prick. But hey, I wasn’t supposed to make a U-turn. Especially not with a police officer in sight :wink:
The second day, we drove down south to Paamul, a small beach resort where a couple of retired Texans run a diving school. We took a one hour introduction dive, which took us to 52 feet deep! The reef, the marine life and the whole diving experience: it was fantastic.
After that, we basically did a lot of ruins. Chichen Iza, Uxmal, Kaba, Palenque. During that, we stayed in Valladollid, Campeche, Tikul, Palenque, Tuxtla Gutierrez, San Christobal de las Casas (from where we did a very impressive tour of two indian villages - it was interesting to hear the real background of the Chiapas indians), Comitan, Chetumal, and finally Playa del Carmen, where we relaxed the last 2.5 days on the beach. Then, Cancun => Amsterdam :frowning:

I’m not a big Tequilla fan, but the one I did drink was in Wally’s memory.

In terms of beer, Mexico didn’t impress me a lot. I liked Dos Equis (albeit a bit watery), and I loved Bohemia. The rest tasted as bad as American beer :stuck_out_tongue:

We didn’t do a lot of partying, as our intensive travel schedule required some early rising… but to my taste, the forced fun of placed like Cancun was rather depressing anyway. I don’t understand why Europeans fly to Mexico to party on the beach, whereas they can do the same in Spain. They’re not going to appreciate the culture and history anyway.

Which we certainly did. I love the country, its impressive nature (Chiapas is to DIE for!), its varied and impressive cultural history, and its warm people.

Things that suck about Mexico: TOPES!!! Why do these idiots put one foot high speed bumps in 110 km/h roads (where one drives 140 km/h) without proper warning signs (well, sometimes there are signs…)??? I made quite a few lengthy jumps there :smiley:

Gracias, Mexico!

And guys? It’s good to be back, too. I’m one of those people who loves to go anywhere, but also appreciates coming home. And logging on to the boards again is coming home, in a way.

Coldy’s back! You were missed, kiddo.

I hope you note how faithfully we kept bumping your gracious mid-trip message onto the first page. (If you also noted that rash little thread about EuroGuyStuff in your beloved Peugot…go back to bed. It’s jet lag.)

Glad you liked Mexico. (“Forced fun”; gem of a term for Cancun.) The people really are that gracious, and the culture attractive, aren’t they?

Congrats on discerning Bohemia beer; Corona, Red Stripe, etc. are pretty lame. Gotta admit, though, huh? that an icy Bohemia is pure grace when quaffed in intense heat, over stellar, fresh cuisine.

And bless you for raising a glass of tequila for Wally.


Hey ColdyKlogs! Welcome back!

Your return ushered in delightfully cool, damp weather here in Idaho; Just what the firefighters need! Howdja do that?

Welcome back, Coldfire!!

Hey, welcome back, Clog Boy! Glad you enjoyed Cancun, I can’t wait for the chance to go back there!