Welcome to "Cafe Society"

Wecome to our new forum : “Cafe Society.” This forum is for discussion about the Arts : music, movies, literature and so forth. We hope that this will be a popular forum as we’ve seen discussion of this sort popping up both in IMHO and MPSIMS and though a proper forum would be desired.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to welcome Ukelele Ike as my co-moderator of this forum who I’m sure will do a wonderful job and should have his first PIT thread any minute now. :wink:


Nice place you’ve got here. Roomy. I like the tasteful knick-knacks scattered all about.

Oooh! A high-back leather reading chair with my name on it in the corner. Thanks guys!

Very nice place.

I’ll be on the porch swing if anybody needs me.

Cool. A virgin forum.

I’ll be on the couch, with my notebook in hand so I can continue working on my novel. Pay no attention to me or to the tortilla chips that may have scatterd on the floor.

[sub]How did they cajole you into doing this, Uke?[/sub]

::Sitting around waiting until they open up the Penthouse Forum::

Check. Pit thread activated.


Well, this really is a nice idea, although I’m a bit bemused about the SDMB Movie Club being one of the two threads moved to this new forum. People are gonna start having expectations of me, y’know? Sooner or later I’ll be exposed for the sham I am…

I’m just waiting for the first thread to be wrongly placed in this forum. The forum description is amazingly self-explanatory to me, so I’m looking forward to gaining some perpective from the land of the brain dead where it’s not.

Here’s the link to Athena’s ode to Uke.

How nice. Ike I hope you got your butt covered, you’ll need it. Congrats!

Great! A forum exclusively devoted to discussing the arts. I have a question though. What about creative writing, and stuff like that? Does that still go in MPSIMS? If it belongs here, could it be added to the forum description? I know there are a lot of writer dopers…

Hmmm…I like.

Very nice.

I’ll have the Madagascar Vanilla and a biscotti. I’ll be on the porch reading Cleopatra’s Palace

:: standing ::
:: applauding ::
:: cheering ::

:: kneeling ::
:: begging to be a moderator too :: :slight_smile:
AND, I already have a post in here and I didn’t even know it, thanks to a moved thread. I’m a frickin’ natural.

How much do you guys get paid again?

Sham I am?
Sham I am?
I do not like that Sham I am

Wow. Nice mix of Art Deco and Rococo (and a wee bit of Syroco, too).

I think I’ll be here awhile.

Wonderful! Bravo! I’ve found my home at SD. I’m always scanning for the literature and film threads.

I’ll have a latte and curl myself into a deep plush couch, waiting for the trailers to begin. Or someone to discuss Garp with. Or even Smutty Nose and Spinal Tap (will those threads be moved here?)

I’m a happy girl.


I saw it as a combo of Outsider Art, speed metal, and Dada.

This is wonderful! A great place to relax, share ideas, discuss, etc. I’ll just grab a book and curl up in that corner by the fireplace for now. Me, a book, sunflower seeds, and a frosty mug of root beer. Life is good!

Discussing The Arts? Oops! Must be here by accident.