Welcome to IMHO!

Two introductions: a new forum and a new moderator. The new forum, as you can see, is In My Humble Opinion, which we imagine will be commonly referred to as IMHO. Heavy-duty discussions should still be confined to Great Debates, but if you want to find out what the Teeming Millions REALLY think about Christina Aguilera, here’s the place for it.

IMHO will be moderated by slythe, a respected SDMB veteran. slythe couldn’t get that job at the carnival where they throw pies at you, so he figured this was the next best thing. Please join me in giving him a warm SDMB welcome, although not so warm that we have to move this first IMHO thread to the Pit.

Hm. So this is kind of a General Mundane Pointless Questions I Must Debate? I’m sort of fuzzy on the specific mandate of the forum.

And congrats, slythe, on your moderatorship.

Congratulations slythe. Does this mean that you won’t be over at the FFF any more?

This seems to be the answer to that discussion of how to keep MPSIMS from “losing” threads because they disappear off the page in 12 hours.

Sort of MPSIMS without the “pointless”, or DG Lite.

Speaking of Lite, who moved the cooler?

I read Tuba’s reply to Eve in ATMB, and I think I get it now. I think. Maybe. I’m a little slow.

Thank you for the new forum Ed. Geesh all the new improvements to the board are great.

Congrats Slythe, I know ya can do it with ease!

Congratulations, Slythe!

Oh Great And Powerful slythe, let’s see some moderating in here!

I misspelled your name to see if that would flush you out. Edit this post!

[Arnold, consider yourself flushed-slythe :)]

[This page has been modified by slythe, per request of poster]

…for opening up another forum!

Congratulations to Slythe on his new appointment as moderator!

At long last, there’s a forum with fewer posts than COMMENTS ON MAILBAG ANSWERS !! I’m no longer moderator of the smallest forum!!

… oh, wait, if I post here, it’ll soon catch up…

Anyway, slythe, welcome to the team!

Way to go, Slythe! I, for one, said long ago that “That Slythe oughtta be a Moderator!” I’m glad they finally listened to me. :slight_smile:

Snark, there is already a thread dedicated to sucking up to the moderator. Please try to stay on topic. :wink:

Well! See if I ever suck up to you again!

BTW, I love your web page.

I think IMHO is great! Congrats slythe!

I have been avoiding this board since May because I already waste enough time at the SDMB, but I know now that this was where I belonged all along. Taking indefensible positions on unimportant topics has always been a speciality of mine.

And, yeah, I know it’s an old thread. I figured it was because if it weren’t I’d have to believe that Ed would start TWO threads in the same month, not counting cross-posting the first one.

I was just about to bitch you bozoes out for dumpster-diving, and you pull this on me!
Way to suck up, you IMH"Ho’s". I’m touched. :slight_smile:

Slythe, are you a Thundercats fan? Slythe was a bad guy on that show, if memory serves.

I think she bears a striking resemblance to Britney Spears. I saw a photo of the two of them together at the Grammy Awards show and I could barely tell them apart. I have no opinion on her singing ability or lack thereof.

(Congratulations, slythe.)