Welcome to our newest member...

Crap. I was going to change my username, and now I find out my two top choices have been taken.

You’re right, that isn’t fair; lessee, I’ll set up a sock puppet called ManhattanslastnameisProject. That’ll cheer everyone up.

I just want to agree that the Packers do, in fact, suck.

Typical Vikings twerp.

Hey, if you want to change your name, slortarischeapbitch and slortarisdirtycapitalistrunningdog are still open.

I want ColdfiresSlutAreBelongToUs. I hope that’s not taken.


Err, wait.

I have nothing to add, other than that I did not visit this site for ONE DAY, and in that one day the Mods took out the trash. Nice work guys and gals, and thank you!

Oh, and what did I learn? I learned to never miss a day at the SDMB. Ever. :smiley:

Sincerely, DookuMissedOutOnAllTheAction…Sigh.

Irritation is the sincerest form of battery.

MikeHuntIsSlut… hmmm, now that’s got possibilities.

Oh, come on now people, let’s not jump to conclusions. Perhaps “ColdfireIsFuckingSlut” is an old and prestigious family name.

Coldie is homo-genized?

Hell, I thought he was at least 2 %.
The user name of **ShirleySlutORama ** is still up for grabs.

Hmm. Remember the guy who tried to get the Nike trainers made with “Sweatshop” on? Can we attempt the same, in freedom of expression/protest/approbation?

Could someone change their username to [MOD NAME]HasHugeCock, for example?

Again, how you doin’?

Hmmmm I wonder if ColdieIsAllMineStayAwayFromHimYouHussies is taken?

Oh drat, I think it is. Oh well.


The Hartford Hussies would, in fact, not be a bad name for a WNBA franchise.

Or a band.

Yes. It is. It’s mine, all mine. :smiley:

ColdfireRUs of course.

damn. Didn’t notice the date on the thread. Sorry all.

Calculating Mod Pit Racing stats by searching the Pit for Coldfire reference?