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That’s just Coldy, trying to advertise…

tsk tsk

I’m certainly not a moderator, but my opinion would be to hold off on this until they can completely get rid of the guy. Giving him more forums and an audience probably isn’t the best idea right now.

[sub]If you guys need me, I’ll be in the corner pulling this stick out of my ass.[/sub]

You should have seen the member before him: ColdfireIsCunt.

Zev Steinhardt

Where the hell do these people come from?

He’s probably just jealous of the fact Coldie scores so much more than him!

"Advertising! "


Hey, you all seen this great new idea over at Fathom …

Damn lascivious Dutchmen…

WHY won’t he move to Chicago

Heh, you know what they say:

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery…

He does have a peachy email addy “ColdFiresHom0@hotmail.com

packers suck

Oh come now, that was gratuitous!

If I’m to be known for anything, I’d like to to be gratuitousness

and suckers pack!


Do you kiss your dog with that mouth?

Are the other Mods burning with jealousy over Coldfire’s big lead in crazy as a loon stalker types?

Oh, and indeed, the Packers do in fact suck.


And what does Irritation connote?

So, how YOU doin’?


And what does Irritation connote?

Ah, yez, sehr interesting. A young anally retentive man with incontinent problemz zat haz difficulty with expressing hiz appreciation for another male.

Due to his insecurity, deriving from his pet fish biting him at an age of four, he must exprezz his love through mockery and e-mail addyz. [/Freud]

My best guess at least…