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Today, we’re teaching poodles how to fly…come 'ere Fifi! Ahh…Fifi! Are you ready to fly? Ok, ready? One…TWO…and FLY!!! ::Arf arf arf arf…whumpf!::

Ah, man! You see…sometimes it takes them a little while to get the hang of it…

Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!

Alright! Someone else DID know what this came from!

“Who the hell are you”

::In deep, gutteral voice:: “I’m your worst nightmare”

“Once, I dreamt I was a bird with a candy bar head”

I’d like to say I have the soundtrack, thankyouverymuch. :slight_smile:


“Now let’s see what’s behind the box…NOTHING! You get NOTHING! YOU SO STUPID!”

“Is this it?” “No.” “Is this it?” “No.”

“Today we’re going to learn how to make plutonium from common household products…” (I’m so bummed we didn’t get to see the rest of that)

“Gandhi II…this time, he’s out to kick some butt. ‘Give me a steak, medium rare.’ ‘HEY BALDY’ :::machine gunfire:::”

“My, where did you get that lovely spatula! Spatula City, we sell spatulas…and that’s all!”

…and so on…

Do I still get to be janitor?

(This is one of my favorite movies!)

OK… what movie did I miss now?

UHF, with Weird Al Yankovic. It bombed in the box office in 1987–it opened the same weekend as Lethal Weapon and a whole mess of other blockbusters–but is a freakin’ HILARIOUS movie.

For example: the “is this it?” “no” exchange is between a hobo and a blind man. The blind man has a Rubik’s cube. You can probably figure out the rest…HA HA HA!

Go rent it! Rent it rent it rent it!

Damn, I love that movie.

“Look up! Look Down! Look here! Now say hello to Mister Frying Pan!” BONK!

I love you guys. Always giving good movie advice. I will go rent that one next week on my day off. Yes, sadly I only have one day off. But fortunately I get to spend the other days here on the boards.
I remember when that movie came out. I was six or seven. Everyone said it sucked back then. It sounds pretty damn funny.

God only knows if you’ll be able to find it - the movie is out of print, but any good video store should have it (which means most won’t).

This is one mov ie that screams for the whole DVD treatment - I would kill for narration by Yankovic on where the whole Raul thing came from!

A friend of mine made me a copy of that for Christmas!

That was also Fran Dreschers’ (sp?) first role…

Michael Richards was an absolute scream!


Oicu, nuh-uh. Fran Drescher’s first film was 1977’s Saturday Night Fever, where she played Connie–and kissed Jay Leno on the dance floor. She was also in Spinal Tap.

UHF was her 11th movie.

(No, I’m not a fan, I just perused the web site of one)

The parodies of other movies in UHF is totally unique. Indiana Jones, Rambo…it’s classic.

“It’s Conan…the Librarian!”
(Little nerd walks up)
“Um, excuse me…could you tell me where I can find a book on astronomy?”
(Conan picking up little nerd)
“Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal system??”

(Two teens walk up)
“Um, sorry sir…these books are a little late…”
(Cuts teen in half with big sword)

Damn, that’s a classic.

And Gandhi II…I crack up every time I see that.

Good flick. I have an MP3 of the Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies song around here somewhere…

You get to drink from … THE FIRE HOSE!!!

Would you be willing to let me have it?
I LOVE that song!
“We got to load up, this here truck now…we’ve gotta move to Beverleeee…eeee…Hills, that is!”

Did you know that the turtle is nature’s suction cup? Look! It sticks!

Great movie.

Holy shit! I was away for only a week, and someone posted a UHF thread. Man, I miss all the good stuff. Well, I may as well throw a quote up too. Ruffian, I as well have the soundtrack, very cool.

“And now it’s time for everyone’s favourite gameshow where these contestants can win thier weight in fish, Wheel of Fish

“Stupid! You so stupid!”

“That’s right, Mrs. Butterworth’s Buttercookies! You’ll love their delicious taste. Just look how much Bobo here likes them. And hey mom, they’re nuitricious too. That’s right, just go down to the grocery store and pick up a box of Mrs. Butter… Uh-oh. Bobo’s been eating, Yappy’s Dog Treats. (Bob runs to bathroom) Your dog will love that taste of pork and beef (puking sound), with just a hint of cheese.”