We've got it all on UHF!

Got my DVD of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s movie U.H.F. the other night, and wanted to give it five hamsters to all the other Yankophiles out there.

For a measly $9 (hey, that’s what I paid, anyway), this disc is loaded with goodies:

[li]Double-sided, with regular and 16:9 widescreen formats[/li][li]A never-before-seen “making of” mini-feature, with such goodies as Al handing out fish to child actors.[/li][li]Voiceover commentary from “Weird Al” and director Jay Levy, with cameos by Emo Philips, Michael Richards, and Victoria Jackson (who phones in her comments :smiley: ).[/li][li]Tons o’ publicity stills, posters, and trailers[/li][li]Lots of deleted scenes (and there’s lots more stuff that didn’t make the DVD!)[/li][li]Random easter egg bits.[/li][li]The “U.H.F.” music video[/li][li]And, of course, a hilarious movie to boot. :D[/li][/ul]

The audio commentary is the most interesting part; it’s fairly obvious from some of the comments that Al really second-guessed himself after the movie’s box-office failure, since he really shreds some minor nitpicky points. And the comments over the end credits are the most insightful, with Al going over some of the harsh reviews the movie got, and how the fans and audience have embraced the movie anyway.

If you a fan of “Weird Al” who don’t buy this DVD immediately, you be STUPID! :smiley:

I almost ran out to get it yesterday, but I ordred it online instead. I am proud to say I own it on laserdisc and can watch it anytime, but I can’t wait to watch that movie with Weird Al’s commentary. I remember when the movie first came out and it was critically panned, Al came back with “Look, it’s not like were trying to make My Left Foot or something!” Exactly right. It’s a dumb movie that KNOWS it’s a dumb movie. I’d love to see a sequel, maybe more in the lines of Kentucky Fried Movie or Amazon Women on the Moon. It would go perfect with the UHF motiff. He’s already done hundreds of little skits and vid clips, tons of which he shows in concert (Greatest. Concert. Ever.)

Wow, I hadn’t realized it came out on dvd. Now I feel like a goob for scratching and biting my way to ownership of a used tape.

$9.99?? Are you kidding? I’m all over it!!


I wish I had a DVD player.

Weird Al is Og.


“Sex with furniture, what do you think?”

“Today, we’re going to teach poodles how to fly…”

“This is one bad mother…‘Gimme a steak, medium rare…’”

“This town means as much to me as a festering pool of dogsnot!”

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I even actually SAW IT, twice, in the theater!


ahem I mean…where could I find this fine DVD?

Folks who want to get the UHF DVD for under $10 (with free shipping! :smiley: ) should hop over to DeepDiscountDVD.

And the deleted scenes are … well, eye-opening, to say the least. We got “Ghandi II” and "Spatula City, but we lost out on “Those Darn Homos!” :eek: :smiley: And how about two alternate endings to Emo Philips sawing off his thumb, including one that’s definitely not recommended for the eqasily squeamish.

Ah, go get it, ya nuts. I’ve been humming the “UHF” theme all day… :wink:

I was just thinking about this movie the other day. I LOVE this film. I was a HUGE Wierd Al fan when this movie came out, and I have to say it’s one of the greatest films ever made. If it weren’t for this film, I feel other such wonderful cinema like Dude, Where’s My Car never would have been made, and that’s a total shame. Critics don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Has his little “documentary” managed to make it to DVD yet? Anyone know?

Ah, that doesn’t matter right now. Payday’s today, and that sucker is mine. Damnit, “These floors are dirty as hell, and I’m NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!”


“The Complete Al”? Nope, not yet. got a well worn copy on vhs though. Hey…I gotta friend with a dvd burner…time to make my tape a little less time-ravagable.

“Don’t worry about your laundry, forget about your job…just turn on the volume, and crank up the knob…We got it all on UHF!”

That’s been in my head for two days. :smiley:

I ordered my DVD last night!

Dang. Wish I had a DVD player…

“Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal System!?”

Not owning it yet, I hear this voice in my head…


Oh yeah!
That guy!


WHAT THE HEY? You can’t use my DVD burner to pirate stuff…oh wait, it’s a backup.

Can’t wait for my copy of UHF to arrive.

Is there supposed to be insert notes inside? I just got my UHF and was kinda disappointed to see there weren’t any in my case. Did I get short changed?

It took driving a total of 150 miles, but I’ve got a copy.

Mega easter eggs.

Check out www.eeggs.com for the total listing and how to get to them.

Nope, you weren’t short changed to my knowledge.

At Best Buy they have a buy two get one free on some dvd’s. I got UHF, Spaceballs, and Kingping all for 20 dollars. The best part is they are all good dvd’s: widescreen, commentary, the full works! sweet…