Welcome to the SDMB. Please check your mental baggage before proceeding.

I’m here less and less these days, and I’ve put my finger on at least one of the reasons why: the persistent inability or unwillingness of so many posters to set aside their own peculiar neuroses before posting. Anita Vacation recently posted a thread entitled, My nineteen-year-old son went to the beach and while he was gone I moved away. And my god, people were “shaking with pique,” describing horrible occurrences that might have had some slight relationship to a particularly unpleasant extrapolation from the OP. (Generally based on a failure to notice that the son in question was, ahem, nineteen and thus past the age of majority in, I believe, every state in the United States and many jurisdictions worldwide.)

To which I want to scream: STOP IT! At least try to be rational and think before you post. I don’t care if it’s the hottest button for you in creation, if you know it’s a hot button, it’s up to you to switch it off. Emotional responses aren’t fighting ignorance; at best they’re evidence of treating the SDMB as if it’s a shrink. It isn’t.

Amen! Some people need kneepads for the sake of their jaws.

Hoo boy. I knew what thread this was about before clicking – although it’s certainly not a unique phenomenon.

You’d think she’d posted “I left my infant son in a basket on a stranger’s doorstep! Hee hee!”


I just wanna know how she managed to pull it off…my 19 year old has just moved back HOME, so I need the No Forwarding Address trick to help me out next time he (and the rest of the scroats) nick off somewhere.

Sounded like an absolutely brilliant manouvre to me.


When I think of forums that fight ignorance, MPSIMS is probably the last one that would come to mind. The place is basically a huge chat room, so people probably don’t feel the need to be as rational as they would in GQ or GD.

As for the thread in the example, I could understand people getting upset if they took it the wrong way. Legal adult or not, people just shouldn’t treat their family members that way. Fortunately, everything was cleared up fairly early on.

She deliberately made the OP in such a way to give the impression she did something pretty awful, regardless of the child’s age. Some folks responded exactly as she must have desired them to. Where’s the problem?

Oh right, it’s against board rules. But I cannot say which rule, because accusing somebody of breaking that rule is ALSO against the rules…

That’s just it. The Op was clearly in jest . Nothing * needed* clearing up. It was plain Anita Vacation was having a bit of fun with a fine right of passage for all families with children who’ve become adults. It was clearly she was going to pop back later and fill in the details. Humorous Ops have been written a bit at a time for years here.

In my opinion, the fact that several people who’ve proven to be intelligent, and rational in other threads were confused and upset shows that something did need clearing up. It’s best to give people the benefit of the doubt, but if people don’t, I can’t blame them…this is the internet, after all.

We saw in WeirdDave’s “I got my pregnant wife high” thread that some people here will take almost anything literally. That along with the internet being the place to go to find people who do all the insane/sick things that most of us never even think of doing shows that we shouldn’t be surprised when people don’t get a joke. Especially if the joke is plausible enough to be true.

As for the comment in the other thread that people should have been clued in because other people were laughing: Posters are often amused by really weird things. Even though it’s old, the best example of this is the FreakFreely meltdown (where people started out congratulating him for his prank, and then the posts in the thread slowly turned against him).

So, let’s see, some people didn’t pick up the joke from the start. But how about giving the OP the benefict of the doubt before going for the throat. Those are not the worse however, there were others that after everything was out in the open they STILL went for the throat.

I guess some people have no sense of humor or empathy whatsoever.

I was amazed at how angry people were in that thread too.

It’s like outrage is a new form of entertainment.

I guess the more outraged you are the better a human being you are. That and always thinking of the children, even when they are 19. :rolleyes:

I think it’s time to accept something about a lot of Dopers here though. They’re socially maladjusted. Seriously. Some Dopers can be ridiculously intellegent and not know a thing about real life and real people.

Has anyone else been noticing this? How many, “I want to ask my long time best friend out on a date” threads have we had? How many “I want to talk to a girl” threads have we had? By 25 and 30 year olds?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of people who don’t get out much or who feel uncomfortable in social situations, but whenever i see one of these threads I think “Whoa, they need to spend some time with humans.” Like real time, in person. If you are one of these people, put down the keyboard, stop updating the klingon weblog, and go outside now and speak to a real person.

A number of poster did give her the benefit of the doubt. They asked the OP for clarification, and didn’t go for the throat. They voiced their concern and said that if the OP was to be taken litterally her behavior wasn’t acceptable. I think that it was a good and healthy reaction.

Concerning the humor, we aren’t psychics, and people have posted very seriously disturbing things in the past. People did ask whether there was missing informations or not, hence whether it was a joke or not. I personnally don’t have any issue with that, at the contrary.
As for empathy, I don’t see what it has to do with the issue at hand. You could as well have accused people who didn’t feel concerned but rather found the situation funny of lacking empathy. Unless, once again, you’re mistaking “empathy” and “psychic powers”.

“A number of poster” = “some people”. I did not say all, and I notice you didn’t say all either. I am confident that not all people here went for the throat. Read the thread again and tell me, weren’t some people inmediately assuming the worst, even AFTER things were cleared?

I prefer to be shocked and appalled, rather than outraged. I can go as far as indignant, but that’s the limit, goddammit.


There are a number of people that post here that I’m convinced have inverted their reality. They feel that their keyboard and screen is real life, and that actual interactions with people are somehow other-worldy and surreal.

There’s a novel and movie waiting to be made about this. I have no reason to believe this is unique to the SDMB. Maybe other sites are even worse. I wouldn’t know, since I’m already spending all the time I’m willing to spend in front of a computer at SDMB.

I read a short work of fiction by one of the posters here. It was a typical boy meets girl story, but… The characters passed each other going to work/school every day and hardly spoke, only to rush home so they could email and IM each other. WTF? It was as if anything they had to say to each other in person didn’t count, email and IM were their reality. When I questioned it, the author said it was biographical and s/he didn’t see anything weird about it.
It’s gonna’ cut down on birth rates when cyber relations become preferred over touchy-feely stuff.

“Human beings are the only creatures that allow their children to come back home.” ~ Bill Cosby ~

OxyMoron, they weren’t “shaking with pique”, they were “shaking off their pique” at the disingenuous way the OP was presented. Dictionary.com says “Pique denotes a quick and often transient sense of resentment for some supposed neglect or injury, but it is not marked by malevolence.” You seem to be blowing things out of proportion a lot more than the folks you are pitting. They weren’t seething with rage, they were saying “I find this annoying, but I suppose I’ll get over it.” Myself, I got that it was a joke right off the bat-- a lame and unfunny joke, but, yeah, a joke.

Reminds me of the Spacer world, Solaria.