Well, apparently I can't be surveyed.

Ring Ring Ring!

Me: “Hello?”

Weenie: “Good afternoon, sir, I’m XXX with Call Research. I’d like to ask you some questions regarding local political figures and movements if I may.”

Me: “Go ahead.”

W: “Are you registered to vote in Loudoun County?”

M: “Yes”

W: Thank you. Are you employed in the media? By that I mean newspapers, magazines, television or radio?"

M: “Yes”

W: “Thank you, that’s all the questions I have for you today.”

So I’m figuring whoever ordered that survey didn’t want anyone who was plugged in to answer questions.

Sounds targeted to me!

JC, on an episode of The West Wing, there was an incident where the media found out about something the Democrats were trying to do when one of the White House Press Corps was polled. Perhaps it was something similar that they were trying to avoid?

Could well be. But it’d have to be on the local level…we’ve really only got some local elections (that are heated) coming up.

They called me, and they said it was a girl who has a crush on you. Expect many more calls of the like, but featuring more giggling.

I used to do that kind of market research, and they’re not so much “targeting” as they are “de-biasing.” They’re trying to get an average person’s opinion, and you, being plugged in so to speak, may have more information than Joe Average - which means you could potentially do something deliberate to skew the results.

It’s the same dealie when they’re doing a survey on fast food and they ask if you or any member of your family works at a fast-food company. You say, for instance, “Well, my kid sister works at Wendy’s” and you’re off the survey list. Your opinion is assumed to be biased by your knowledge.