Well Crap. So Far, Not So Good on the Law School Front

Well, the news so far has not been good.

I was rejected by my “reach” school – UC Berkeley – hardly suprising
I was rejected by my “still a reach but slightly less so because I’m instate” school – UVA – not that suprising either but very very disapointing as I wanted to go there ever so badly.

Yesterday the dread “medium envelope” arrived from William & Mary letting me know that I am wait-listed.

Washington & Lee, UC Davis, and UC Hastings are still “in play” and if I don’t hear something by Passover (April 12) I am just going to scream.

I could really use some good news, O ye gods of Law School.

This is one of the MP-est things I’ve ever MPSIM-ed

{{{{Hello Again}}}}

Best of luck on hearing from the remaining schools…

I applied to nine law schools (no, I really don’t know what I was thinking) – I was rejected by one reach school but admitted by another; rejected by one safety, admitted by two others; waitlisted at two schools for which I was middle-of-the-road, and admitted by two others.

I came off the wait list at one school in the middle of the summer; I came off the wait list at the second school a week after school started. :dubious:

I went to the school that admitted me off the wait list in the middle of the summer, and I haven’t regretted it. So don’t write off your wait list schools – there’s plenty of time for them to come through. Also, isn’t Hastings at Davis (so they’re the same school)? If that’s the place I’m thinking of, it’s great – very collegial atmosphere and it graduates very good lawyers.

Hang in there, and don’t give up until the very bitter end, and even then don’t really give up. That’s what lawyers do. :slight_smile:

Speak for yourself! :dubious:

Fair point; although I should note that only about a third to half of those that go to law school end up practicing law, so I tend to think of anyone who graduated law school as a lawyer. (Sue me.)

And, Lou, I don’t think of you as having given up. I think of you as having changed course to find what makes you happy. And I’m really, really hoping that your whole library thing works out and that you love it and it is what you’re meant to do. And, of course, that you’ll post about it so I can live vicariously through you when I’m slogging through another one of those horrendo days that never seems to end and wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea. :wink:

Hang in there, Hello Again. The magic envelope will come…

Good luck!

I know it stings to get rejected (having gone through the med school application process, I’ve had my share of rejections too), but it only takes one acceptance, so hang in there. :slight_smile:

Hey, hey, hey!!! No posting legal advice!!!


I got dinged the first year I applied! But it still worked out, so don’t give up hope. And good luck!

–Cliffy, Esq.

Washington & Lee replied in the negative. :frowning:

UC Hastings is in San Francisco, UC Davis law school (it has a name which I forget) is at Davis. So, they are 2 different schools. :slight_smile:

Come on UCs! Big Money! No Whammies! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

trying to keep chin up

I got into Wash & Lee about four years back, now. Didn’t go. It looked all creepyville. Actually, I think Cliffy and I might be alums of the same lawschool.

How come you didn’t apply to any of the Big 10 schools given that they’re all in the approximate ranking range you seemed to be looking at???

Maybe it wasn’t Cliffy, but definitely some dude on this board went to the same school as me because I remember having a random post-by conversation about Francis Boyle.

More {{{{Hello Again}}}}

Just out of curiosity, what are the Big 10 law schools?

UC Davis is King Law School, I think. I don’t know of course, since they rejected me. Not that I’m bitter or anything. (So what if I went to McGeorge and now have student loans the size of the national debt?)
But definately keep your chin up. You’ll need the practice for awaiting final results, not to mention rejection letters when you actually start interviewing for jobs - the infamous “wall of shame” when kept and displayed.
I’m sure you’ll be accepted at what will turn out to be the “perfect” place for you.

What’s a “reach” school?

The midwestern state schools (I always thought our conference was the Big 10). UIUC, UMinn, UW, IU-Bloomington, UIowa. They’re pretty much all ranked in the top 25 or top tier. I think that might include Notre Dame and Northwestern as well.

A school you don’t think you have a very good chance of getting into, because it normally looks for students with slightly better credentials than yours. But there’s a chance that you might get in, so you apply anyway.



And they are all located in places with freezing, crappy, depressing winters. Having moved from Ann Arbor after living there 7 years (I was not in school during this time, I worked for Borders Group) and seeing what a happier, more even tempered person I am in a place where the sun actually shines once or twice between November and May, I am in no rush to return.

I applied to schools in places where I have a strong interest in living permanently.