Well, I am retired.

Technically, tomorrow is an In Service day followed by Commencement, but I am blowing it off. They can dock me, if they like. I am now an ex-teacher. In retrospect, I wish I had gone with my original career plan and been an international jewel thief and playboy.

Congratulations! I hope retirement suits you!

If Doris Payneand Hugh Hefner taught us anything it’s that it is never too late to be an international jewel thief or a playboy! Whatcha waitin’ for?

Wassamatter? Domestic jewels not good enough thievin’ for you??

Enjoy your retirement! I managed to stay retired a whole year before going back to work out of sheer boredom.

I had no idea you were a teacher. What did you teach?

ETA: Also, Congratulations!

Congrats! Many people take up second careers. I’m not sure that playboy is a career, but do some research and find out. :smiley:

You are going to live to regret this: it won’t be long before you hear about the secret surprise “Scumpup’s Award for Faithful Service” they had planned to give you then.

I did hear about it. I instructed my work spouse to accept it on my behalf and spend it on booze when all the teachers go to a bar after the ceremony.

Congratulations! I’m jealous.

If you have to research, you’re not a playboy. :wink:

It’s gonna go on your permanent record. :slight_smile:

WhooHoo to you, friend. :smiley: You are gonna’ love it. Been retired 4.5 years and it seems like 20. Goof off for a bit, then devise a new structure for your life. Even I got bored after awhile. Hobbies, visiting, walks, and all those things you always wanted to do and more that will come your way. Have a blast.

Congratulations! I retired in July of last year and it’s been great so far. Want to do something, do it! Don’t want to do something, don’t! I advise sitting out on your front porch or lawn with a cup of coffee and pointing and laughing at all those suckers on their way to work. It’s fun! :smiley:


If the planets align, I am in my career “bell lap” and will probably take permanent maturity leave next year. I am giddy with the prospect of getting up and not going to work. I plan to watch the traffic report every morning and snicker. I hope your retirement is everything you’d hoped.

For most of my career, I taught high school science. A few years back, due to state funding cuts, I accepted an assignment to 7th grade in order to prevent a union brother getting furloughed. It was supposed to be temporary, but…
I hate teaching that age group.
So, I am retiring. It’s a better plan than staying and doing something I hate until I have another stroke. 7th and 8th graders aren’t even animals.

Congratulations. I’m totally jealous.

Congratulations, Scumpup! When I retired, people would ask, “How’s retirement treating you?”

I’d reply, “I was born for this kind of work!”

Congratulations, Scumpup, hope to join you in retirement in the not too distant future.

My daughter teaches 7th grade science and she’s turning cartwheels because Weds was the last day with students this year. Unfortunately, she’s only 31, so a ways from retirement. And she’s so fed up with the crap that comes down from above in her county (for example, they aren’t allowed to give *anyone *less than 50% on anything), I doubt she’ll make it to retirement in education.

How much did teaching change over the course of your career?

Well, now that you’re retired you can try your hand at international jewel thievery and being a playboy. And, since you have your retirement funds, you won’t be under the handicap that so many young and just-starting-out jewel thieves have of trying to live off the proceeds of your robberies. You can start off by stealing inexpensive costume jewelry that won’t bring down the law on you, until you get the hang of it.

My father retired about 10 years ago and he, like many others I’ve known who have retired, initially had an idea he would eventually get a part-time job to fill the hours. A pharmacist by trade, I’m sure he’d have had little trouble finding work, but of course, he quickly found a lot of other ways to fill those hours that he much preferred to punching a clock.

It doesn’t sound like you’re going to have that problem.