Well, I just took the plunge. I bought a 10" telescope

I’ve always been fascinated by Astronomy. I got a little 4.5" Meade a few years back and was kind of dissapointed with it… I needed more apature.

Well, the opportunity presented itself and I got a great deal on a 10" Dobsonian scope. I’ll see it next week. I wanted to make sure I had it this year so I would have it for Mars.

The only thing I have to worry about now is breaking the news to Mrs. Bernse :frowning:

Does that mean that the lens is 10 inches wide, or that you have a little dinky 10 inch long telescope?

Yay! Dobs rule!

What brand?

Lens??? Who puts a freaking lens in a DOB?

Besides the eyepiece I mean.

COOL! I’ve always wanted a 'scope but never got around to buying one. Dumb question: Dobsonian 10" is a reflector?
Good Seeing! :smiley:

Yes. Specically a Dobsonian is a long-focus Newtonian reflector carried by an ingenious box-type mount at the bottom. Not too good for long-exposure astrophotography, but wonderful for direct viewing of faint objets. Pluto is just visible in a 10" if you know where to look.

Did you get one of those cool mounts where all you have to do is enter the long and lat in the celestial sphere and it goes there?

Because those are cool.

I just have a 4.5" where the finder scope got broken and I have to try to find stuff with brute force. :frowning:

10 inch Dob

This is it

I’ve been reading some reviews and they’re all quite positive. The mirror (and rest of the scope for that matter) appear to be of quite high quality, although I may want to get some different eyepieces in the future (although these should be adequate for the time being).

I’m a little excited about it :slight_smile:

Just be careful where you plunge that telescope. Use lots of lube.

Chicks dig guys with big Dobs, or so I hear. I have a 4" tasco reflector that the girls and I play with, I really like to have a bigger better one. I’m sure the wife would like it too! :slight_smile:

FYI Tasco = Cheap crap.


Can I come over and play?

You’ll definitely want either a high-magnification eyepeice or a 3X Barlow. Your 9mm and your 2X Barlow (if you didn’t get a Barlow lens. get one) should give you about 250x magnification, but you could easily get upwards of 350-400x and still have a crisp view. Beyond that things will be moving out of view so quickly (at that magnification the movement of objects in the sky is remarkably fast) it wouldn’t do you much good.

10" Dobsonian… mmmm.

I’ve got a barlow and a few other lenses from my 4.5" Meade… although they are probably of questionable quality. I’ll have to experiment with them a little bit.

bernse, I think it’s quite safe to say you’re going to want better eyepieces than the ones that came with your 4.5" Meade. An f5 mirror produces a steeply converging light cone, which will bring out all the flaws of inexpensive eyepieces. Fortunately, good Plossls are available at quite reasonable prices these days, and two or three carefully chosen eyepieces plus a nice Barlow (don’t skimp on quality here! buy the best Barlow you can afford) are all you’ll ever need.

Have fun with your new scope!

Having trouble breaking the news to Mrs. Bernse? No problem. Saturn’s rings are at their very best angle right now. Point the scope at Saturn, have her take a look, and if there’s a human heart in her, she’ll melt.

You got a 10"? I’m so jealous. Mine is only 8".

(we are speaking of scopes, right?)

I found a real nice dark sky site not but about 30 minutes from here. But, with the right filters, I can get some good views from right here in my yard. FUN!


Saturn’s looking nice this time of year. Mr. Athena was out freezing his butt off the other night looking at it, and I stepped outside for a gander.

Welcome to the telescope club!

My god! What did I buy???
I recieved half of it today (the base won’t come until tommorow… don’t ask).

The tube is almost 13" OD and I’d say about 4-1/2 long! Its HUGE. I can’t wait until tommorow, which will hopefully be cloud-free so I can break it in!


You obviously haven’t heard Rule #1 about buying a new telescope. The purchase of a new telescope ensures that there will be clouds for at least a week after the telescope is brought home. The one night that there ISN’T clouds will be your wife’s (or husband’s, or mother’s, or grandmother’s) birthday which will require your presence at a late-night birthday party. By the time you’re done with the party, the clouds will have returned.

hehehhee… j/k. Congratulations!

I joke that one telescope in Santa Cruz county is actually secretly exporting the heavy fog they get there.

The formula is

Suquential Cloudy Days = (telescope aperture in inches * 1 day) + (telescope mount in lbs. * .15 days) + (telescope cost in hundreds of dollars * 1 days) + ( pissy diety of choice factor * 1 days).