Well, if you ask me the "big bang" weapons report ...

is turning out to be a big bust. Remember how a September report was supposed to be ready to blow the Iraq war critics and other “nattering nabobs of negativism” out of the water?

David Kay seems to be looking for job security. At least he is asking for another $600 million.

Even Republican member of Congress are agitated.

In my opinion this administration is a US disaster from which the recovery will be long and painful.

I have to say… if I was in charge, and I had just used “weapons of mass destruction” as my excuse for going to war… we would have FOUND weapons of mass destruction!

LOTS of them!

Regardless of whether Saddam actually had any or NOT!

Even if I had to PERSONALLY scrape the “Property of US ARMY” decals off them and fly them to Iraq myself in the hold of Air Force One… those weapons would BE THERE!

“Dracul for President… let’s have a GOOD liar for a change!” :wink:

Oh be fair, peeps - the spooks are too busy keeping a close eye on whisky distillieries. :slight_smile: Perhaps they hope to be able to see the mystery weapons in double vision.

Right on, Dracul!

I mean…Saddam probably had some stashed away, somewhere. Or maybe just shipped over the border to Syria for safekeeping.

'Not like the Syrians would have any better use for 'em than Iraq, of course. They all knew if they chucked em at Israel, they’d just get nuked straight to Iblis in the first few minutes of WWIII.

But Hell, even if he didn’t, I’d venture to say that we’re—including the people of Iraq—all better off without him.

Well, if David Kay gets his $600 million more, maybe he will.

Sold! I’ll be your VP.

“Sexual indescretion in the White House? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Vote vibrotronica for four years of great headlines and late night comedy gold!”