Well, off to E3 again.

For (I think) the eighth straight year I’m heading off to E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. 3+ days of raw videogaming business madness.

I’ll be interviewing, networking and trying to make some sales all on a show floor with a decibel level in triple digits.

Urgh. I’m getting too old for the road warrior thing.

Anyone have anything they want me to keep an eye peeled for?

Any importation of concepts not usually found in American games, on their way to america, such as Dating Sims, or Vib Ribbon .

For the love of God, get me a copy of City of Villians!

Oh, and the new Zelda for Gamecube.
(Actually, I’m guaranteed a spot in the CoV first round beta…but still, I want it as soon as possible!)

Is Metal Gear Solid 4 slated as a launch title for the PS3, or will it be one of the PS2’s last gasps?

And find out whoever designed the outward appearance of the PS3, then slap them. It looks awful.

Watch out for anything and all things-Halo and Xbox 360, will ya? (I’m not a gamer, but my brother is. I know that’s what he’s say if he were here right now.)

I was at the PS3 press conference today. It sounds like MGS4 will be a PS3 title, but not for launch.

That’s the rumble I’d gotten, too. The PS3 isn’t so far away that they want to release anything major for the PS2 if they can possibly get it out for the PS3 in 2006.

Pochacco, who are you with? We might know each other.

I read this and thought you’d been busted to Private First Class.

I R L4M3R!!1

The one thing I will absolutely not experience over the internet: Get your hands on all the next generation controllers that you possibly can. It’s such an important part of everything.

Also, have fun, and try not to lose too much of your hearing.

~ Isaac

I’d love to hear how the controllers for the PS3 feel, it doesn’t look like it’s curved right to be comfortable. Granted, I’ve got big hands so my idea of comfy isn’t the same as the rest of the world.

And have fun you lucky b… lucky guy!