Well, shucks! Doing it wrong for 40+ years.

I’ve been fighting with corn silk ever since I started making corn on the cob. It’s a royal PITA getting all those strands off. I’ve rinsed, I’ve used a scrub brush, I’ve done the special dance. Then someone posted a video to Face Book, and now I’m a corn-shuckin’ muthafuckah. If you already knew this and didn’t share before now, I curse you for being a bogarting bastardo.

Ear of corn, unhusked
Microwave oven

Stick the unshucked corn ear in the nuker. Cook on high for 3-4 minutes. Take it out. Cut off the FAT end of the ear and gently squeeze the small end to work the ear out of its husk. No silk, ready to eat. It’s a miracle, I tells ya. It also works for cooking on the BBQ, but you may have to peel it from the fat end instead of squeezing, as the charred bits tend to stick to the husk.

Is this the video you mean?

It looks nice and clean, but then I’ve never much been bothered by peeling the silk off. Also, how does the corn taste? I’d think 8 minutes (for 2 ears) is a bit long for my taste… Mind you, most of the corn we eat is either raw or lightly grilled.

Same idea, but different video. Eight minutes is way too long. I did two ears this evening for about six minutes. The corn was still crunchy and juicy. The corn we had the other night was done on a grill, and I had to peel the husk off from the fat end, but the result was the same.

Except the summer corn I get I don’t cook at all. It’s a delicious and refreshing snack on a hot day, just cold out of the fridge and still on the cob.


Whatever floats your boat.


Well that would have been really damn useful literally yesterday instead of silking those damn ears all afternoon.

Still tasted good tho. Still have silks in my teeth.