Well, since stolichnaya brought up pooping and TMI first...

No shitting around the block–here we go: I’m curious as to why whenever I have traveler’s diarrhea, there is a strong petroleum odor. This is entirely different than whenever I’m sick with a flu or whatnot–it seems invariably linked to the confusion of road travels and the shift in eating habits.

You know how odors are linked to the highest memory recall of all the senses? Well, now that scent is invariably linked to my trip to Budapest. Makes me think of how those Hungarian sausages ripped holes in my intestines…feh!

So…anyone know why? What are my innards producing so much of, anyway?

Oh, and FWIW, I “unload” about every 1-2 days. Worst case of constipation: 5 days, and I was si-i-ick. So there you go, stolich! :wink:

When you say your shit smells like petroleum, do you mean that it smells like an oil refinery? If that’s what you mean, it’s because oil refineries and certain intestinal bacteria (especially when fed certain foods) put out some strong-smelling, volatile sulfur compounds.