Why do I stink up the toilet so bad?

First off, I eat the same food as my wife and three kids.

My wife and daughter don’t seem to have a problem at all - except with me!

My two sons can both sometimes be a bit whiffy but they lack my consistancy. I am always whiffy. I mean really, really whiffy. Gag making whiffy. So whiffy that I never go at work or at friends houses.

Now that I think about it, my Dad was pretty whiffy. I wonder if this could be genetic?

Anyway, is there anything I can do to dial down the whiffiness?

Two things.

  1. If this should have been posted in GQ, then I’m sorry and could someone move it please.

  2. I expect to receive a fair amount of ribbing over this problem. That’s ok, toilet humour and all that, but please appreciate that I am being serious and I am genuinely in need of a remedy (if one exists).


I don’t know how much my word is worth as a non expert in poopology but have you ever thought that* all* poop stinks just each in its own way and has its own distinctive odor. You might be worried because you don’t have the same odor as the rest of your family or maybe because you are the only grown man in the house, I assume you would just make a whole lot more poop. I bet if you go into the restroom right after your kids or wife poops you would see that all poop stinks just in different ways.

Believe me, I think of nothing else lately. I wanna know why MY poop stinks up the whole freaking house for like, 30-40 minutes and theirs doesn’t. I’m not imagining this. My entire family thinks that a rat has crawled up my exhuast pipe and died, dammit, and quite frankly I’m getting to the point where I’m contemplating drinking bleach!

Talk to your doctor. The problem could be something as simple as an allergy. Try eating a lot of yogurt for a week or so…revitalize your coliform bacteria. See if that makes a difference.

Is the stench caused by the gas that escapes when you dump a load, or is it the load itself that makes you gag?

I’m willing to bet that all it takes is a little adjustment to your diet, and things will “mellow” considerably. That’s all it took for me! :smiley:

Do you think you might be lactose intolerant? I’ve known a few people who are who have horrendous farts - I wouldn’t venture a guess as to the odor of their solid matter, of course. Try skipping the milk for a bit, see what happens?

No way am I going to tell my doctor! I have a growth the size of a grape on my scrotum/buttock that haven’t been able to bring myself to mention to him, I can’t imagine asking him why my poo smells. ( Where’s the embarresed smiley?)

I don’t think so. I’ve always drunk milk but I haven’t always had this problem. It has reared it whiffy head in the last 10 years or so.

Dude, your doctor is just the person you need to talk to. A growth? Come on, that’s a Doctor thing if nothing else. You HAVE to trust your Doctor, really you do. Please understand there’s two parts to you. One, the conscience intelligent one we all respect, the other, pure biology. Doctors are real big on helping you on that second part. There’s no shame in trying to better you life experience.

-David (“Pussy Neck”)

No matter what, your doctor has seen worse. Think of your family, man! :smiley:

Really! We’ve gone from a somewhat amusing discourse on the possible reasons and remedies though the science of poopology to something that might be really serious. If you’re in a grave will your family be happy not to have you around stinking up the place? If not, you need to tell your doc about the growth. If you don’t want to tell a doctor you know and plan to continue to see, then contact a specialist. Suck it up, let him check it out, and then you don’t have to see him again. You can go back to your regular doctor.

On the other hand, if your family would be happy they don’t have you around to stink up the place, you need to see a doc and get well just to spite 'em. :smiley:

Kidding aside, man, go see a doctor! Trust me, a doctor would think much more critically of you for not telling him about it than he ever would by looking at your “growth.”

Good luck!

I’m wondering why lieu hasn’t responded.

Ten years ago, I ran a home based daycare for munchkins. One child, Brent, had the stinkiest poop I’ve ever smelled in my life. My husband would come home from work, give a quick sniff test at the front door, and be able to tell if Brent had stayed with me that day or not.

Brent ate the same three meals a day that all of the others ate, including my own children. What went into them all did NOT come out smelling the same! One day, after he was potty trained, he had a poop accident in his undies. After I cleaned him up and rinsed his poopy underpants, I placed them in a plastic grocery sack and set them outside on the front porch. When his mom came to pick him up that evening, I grabbed the plastic bag and was going to tie the handles of the bag to close it before she put it in her car. There were dead flies inside the bag :eek:

Frankly, some peoples poop just stinks worse than others.

As this is MPSIMS (shouldn’t this be in IMHO?), I feel I am allowed to offer an unsubstantiated suggestion. I remember reading a few years ago that eating grapes may abet the problem. There was some stuff in grape stones that apparently aided in keeping the smell down.

Other than that, I think that these smells may differ per individual, possibly as a result of internal bacterial ‘fauna’. There may be something in what Zsofia suggested, that some specific food item (if not milk, possibly something else) is really the main culprit.

The above are all just WAGs.

And I agree that you should visit a doctor soon about that growth. It is embarrassing, indeed, but doctors are paid handsomely not to be bothered about such stories.

Tusculan: I’ll give the grape thing a try, as we have some here at home right now.

About the growth on my scrotum, with the aid of some mirrors I had a good look at it today and I’m pretty sure it’s similar - but bigger - to the polyp I had removed from my face last week. Probably nothing to worry about but I will get the doctor to look at it.

You could also try chlorophyll <sp?> tablets. They’re sometimes given to people with colostomy bags to keep the odor at a minimum.

Unless you really did mean that there could be animals running around in the OP’s colon, you meant ‘flora’.
I second the possibility of lactose intolerance. You tend to lose ability to process milk proteins as you age. Most people are intolerant by their late 30’s.

flora, fauna, what’s the difference. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right, sorry. I got two letters right, though, didn’t I?

Um… bacteria are plants? :confused:

Maybe you need to reset your internal flora?

I ain’t going to go into details, but I have IBS, and I’ve found two things have stopped copious farting and other nastiness: a low-carb diet, and a fibre supplement called Lepicol made from psyllium husks and probiotric bacteria. Oh, and Multibionta multivitamin + probiotic tablets. I don’t know which of the above causes the alleviation of symptoms, but the regime really works for me.

I’m pretty sure bacteria aren’t plants, and therefore are fauna, rather than flora.

I also recommend a change to your diet. Just because you eat the same food as they do, and as you used to, doesn’t mean diet isn’t your problem.