why does my fart stink like pig shit?

i think im turning into a walking pile of poop! D=

it sucks so bad cause I fart a lot more than people round me :frowning: do i have something wrong with my guts?

what do I do? its screwing up my social life :smack:

If you have health questions, please consult with a medical professional. No one here will try to diagnose you over a message board.

Don’t be so harsh with them, considering that they are a newbie! :wink:

It’s probably diet. A couple of years ago I dropped one so horrendous I was afraid I would lose my job. In that instance, it was an overindulgence in a fruit and protein shake. Think about anything you may have eaten in volume over the last couple of days and work from there.

And, yes, consulting your doctor is always good advice, though it might be overkill for a case of the toots. I’d look at your diet first anyway - your MD (or PA or whatever) is going to be asking about that.

How does pig shit essence differ from say horse shit essence? In other words are you sure that you smell like pig shit. Personally I cannot tell the difference but that may be because I have never been deeply immersed in either.

I didn’t volunteer to be on the Welcoming Committee this month. Somebody signed me up while I was off farting in the restroom.

For a fun read on digestion, including some interesting stuff about intestinal gas, I highly recommend Gulp! by Mary Roach. (Her other books are great, too.)

Farts that smell like shit indicate you should take a shit.

That’s, uh… impressive. :smiley:

Yeah, there is a significant difference between horse shit and pig shit. Horse shit is bearable, pig shit is weaponized shit, and will drive you away like a Green Day concert.

Indeed it was.

This is what I came in to say. I grew up on a farm. All farm animals have their own distinctive poo odor, and I do agree, pig poo is the absolute vomitous worst, especially when cleaning the pens. Nasty stuff there.

Thirding the pig poo thing. Horse poo doesn’t smell that bad to me even when it’s fresh. But when I was in college, my friend (an Ag major) talked me into going to the swine unit with her to help out with some class thing or another, and I swear I couldn’t get that smell out of my nostrils for days, even after showering, washing everything I was wearing, and getting rid of the old cruddy pair of boots I wore to stomp around in it.

So yeah, pig poo is nasty.

Gotta disagree, having grown up on a farm, and having shoveled many a ton of cow shit, horse shit, pig shit, and chicken shit. Chicken shit is by far the worst.

Agree with Cad - there is no stench like a hen house stench. But Pig feces also smell substantially worse than Horse feces. Horse poop is quite bearable, especially if they’ve been eating hay.

As for the OP, it sounds like a bile stench. Cut down on the rich food and up the fruits and vegetables for a few days.

Perhaps you are, in fact, a pig. That would explain it.

There are several social clubs for aficionados of pig shit farts. Have you considered joining one? You might even make a love connection.

yep chicken shit is the worst

So you almost got shit-canned?

I lol’d hard OP. Wp