Why do I stink up the toilet so bad?

Bacteria aren’t really plants or animals. They kind of fall into their own seperate little area. They have characteristics of both really. Some photosynthesize, while others get energy from from other chemical pathways, similar to digestion. I say call 'em what ever the heck you like.

Back to the OP though, I am one of those who are just a bit lactose intolerant. I don’t get horribly sick, but the smells that I make could gag a maggot. If I avoid most raw dairy, I’m usually good. Milk is the worst. Cheese/butter don’t usually bug me. Cooked dairy doesn’t bug me at all.Get a glass or two of milk in me and watch out.

I can’t vouch for the veracity of this since it’s been so long since I heard it that I can no longer even remember the teller, but I recall someone once saying that they knew of a kid, a friend’s son, that had an absolutely intolerable funk to his poo, to the point where they took him to the doctor to get him checked out. The doctor agreed that the kid’s shit wasn’t right and prescribed a two part regimen. First, they fed him something that cleaned all his intestinal tract out… removed all the present bacteria and whatnot and then they reintroduced a more appropriate variety. I’m thinking it took a week or two to complete the bacterial transformation but that it made his emmissions substantially more tolerable.

I’m thinking my dad needs to go in for this too. His odor will bring tears to your eyes worse than getting a dear John letter, having a pet die and cracking an engine block all on the same day. He’s got his own bathroom, which no one in their right mind would venture anywhere near.