Well, there goes THAT illusion..

Earlier tonight, I was talking with my sister via IM, and she said her roomie wanted to know what the new Sum 41 song was called. I had to tell her that I didn’t know, and got this in reply:

Nope, I definitely don’t know everything… or watch MM with a great degree of frequency these days, either. Guess I’ve just shattered her illusion that older sisters are supposed to know everything. :frowning: (though, at almost 20 years of age, I’m surprised she didn’t cotton onto this sooner)

(and she did find out the answer: “Still Waiting”)

So have any of you ever shattered anyone’s illusions either partially or totally? Or had your illusions shattered by someone? Share your stories here!


I was at Powell’s Books in Portland; great place, and I thought they knew every book there was. I was looking for books based on the BBC TV series “Yes, Minister”. (The show was a political satire about a British cabinet minister, the books were written as if they were the main character’s memoirs.) So I asked one of the clerks if they had any books in the “Yes, Minister” series after the after the first one. He said if they had it, it would be on the shelves in the “Religion” section. They didn’t know every book there was.

And as it turned out, they did have the sequel, laid out on one of the display tables and everything. Great book.