well, this grandly sucks. (serious)

ok, this story will be somewhat incomplete, as i don’t have all of the details yet.

today my dad moved into his new apartment, since my parents divorced recently. around 6 o’clock this evening, he called here. he asked me to not pick up next time so he could leave a message for my mom. my being in the bathroom at the moment, i couldn’t make sense of it. i heard the following things “7 guys” and “guns and knives” almost immediately following each other. i didn’t think much of it, figuring he had gotten those back (earlier incident, mom had them taken and stored by police).

later at about 7:50, he calls and asks to leave another a message. i didn’t make anything out of it. he was extremely distressed or srunk. i wasn’t sure. didn’t inquire. my mom get’s home from work at about 8:10, listens the messages and makes sense of them.

apparently he was sitting on his porch earlier in the day and “7 big black guys” began to harass him with knives and guns. the later message was that he was hiding inside and they are throwing stuff at his windows and such. she called him trying to figure out what exactly was going on. basically what i said above. he hung on her once. she called back and said she’d take him to his cousins, in another part of town. he said no. this basically went back and forth for a few minutes. apparently the line went dead then. so my mom was worried and called the police.

they went over, i suppose. about 15 minutes later, dad calls. he’s angry that she’s “trying to get him killed”. says he’ll handle it and if she tries to come get him he’ll go into the street.

my mom get’s panicked and calls some friends. she gets through to one, a close famimily friend. as far as i know, right now they’re on their way there. another friend who gotten a message, called and left to get there too. soo right now i’m more or less cut off. just about a minute ago or halfway through here, my grand mother called. apparently she’s been getting calls too. apparently all he’ll say now is “i’m fine, don’t worry.” and he hangs up. so that’s about now.

i’m sure whats going on exactly. i’m afraid for for the lives of my my parents and our friends.

and another thing. i swear i just heard my dad’s voice. and all of the dog’s are staying next to me. the last time they stayed next to me was when i heard voices in the house (don’t ask).

thanks for listening, and i’ll try to keep you all updated, assuming you want to know whats going on.

(ynh), uncertain.
(not spell checked)

ok, i feel like complete moron now.

it seems my dad is drunk and made up the story.


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