Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas?

She won’t rule it out, anyway.

Does she have a chance?

None at all in a two way race. Texas doesn’t require a majority to win so she might have a shot if the loser of a Perry/Abbot GOP primary decides to go at it as an independent. The stars would really need to aline for this to happen though.

Why not?

I’d vote for a drooling special needs adult in a diaper before I’d vote for Rick Perry again.

I’m a Democrat in Texas, but I am very pessimistic about her chances. I think the only candidate I can imagine winning is someone who is one the conservative edge of the party on social issues, who appeals very strongly to Hispanics (Hispanic or fluent in Spanish), and has a lot business support (and probably won’t push hard on the environment) - someone who can basically campaign on a platform of “good government” by arguing it is not healthy to have a one-party state.

I can foresee Davis gaining higher office as a representative in U.S. congress, as the minority leader in the Texas Senate, or in an appointed federal post.

Running for Gov would be a fool’s errand. If Perry doesn’t run, (and win) some boob like Dewhurst will probably take it in a cakewalk.

If Bill White, a very likable and moderate mayor of a huge city in Texas didn’t stand a chance, this lady certainly doesn’t.


I still have not recovered from Houston mayor Bill White’s defeat by Rick “Good Hair” Perry.
Yes Mr. White was bald headed and ugly, but we loved him as the mayor of Gotham on the Gulf.

Wendy Davis doesn’t (yet) have an organization that can take on the State GOP and Teapot.
Hillary Clinton was able to step into the Senate because New York had a well oiled political machine and strong state organization which wanted her. Wendy Davis has neither.

I might add that former democrat governor Ann Richards was one of the worst governors that Texas has seen.
Richards opened the doors of the state prisons and gave Houston a crime wave
that cost me $500 worth of camera equipment and an English racer.

Hm. Never heard it called that before.

She should probably do more good as Lieutenant governor. The Lieutenant governor is more powerful than the governor in many way.

But whose lieutenant, then?

It kind of doesn’t matter in Texas. There have been several times the Lt. Gov and Gov have been from different parties. The Lt. Gov for GWB’s first 4 years in office was Bob Bullock, a Democrat.

Basically, the office of Gov was gutted during reconstruction, to keep the carpet baggers from getting too much power. Lt Gov was kept separate and more powerful in some ways. Some say the Lt Gov is more powerful overall, and the gov is mostly a figurehead. It depends on how you look at it.

Wendy Davis can run for any statewide office she likes, but she has no chance of being elected to any of them.

Her only hope for advancement is an appointed position- maybe a Cabinet post or a federal judgeship. But she has a better chance of losing her next re-election bid than she has of being elected to a higher office here in Texas.

It was the 1875 Constitution of Texas that gutted the powers of the Governor and
Lt. Governor. I believe the Yankee army stayed 10 years for “reconstruction.”
1865 to 1874.

Has anyone suggested changing that?

Why not? Dems have been.

What, and give Perry more power? The idea scares the crap of us. Even the idiots that voted for Perry don’t like Perry.

Well, I didn’t mean just that recently. Your system has been what it is since Reconstruction, and there have been many governors and lieutenant governors. What has been the general public opinion of or satisfaction with this highly unusual arrangement overall?

Most people have no idea. It doesn’t involve football.

I’m honestly surprised that Texas hasn’t renamed the positions President and Vice-President. That seems to be Texas way of thinking.