Went to a wedding by accident

I was at the airport watching planes come and go (outdoors), and a wedding party shows up. And they got married on the observation deck. I did not get a chance to ask them why they picked that spot. They were both around 40 and it appeared to be a 2nd wedding for both.

Airport observation decks still exist? Outdoors?

Both plane spotters perhaps?

It happens. Years ago, my folks and I were taking a walk through a public park. We stopped to enjoy the view by a stream that runs through there. Presently we were (politely) asked to move on by some people who explained that they were getting married and had planned to use that spot. It was an exceedingly casual affair - the bride didn’t even put down her purse.

you can’t see as much as you used to from this spot. They built a few buildings that block part of the view of the runway. Most of the people who go there bring their kids to watch planes come and go. It’s RDU airport in NC in case anyone is curious.

They both work at the airport, or met there doing something else?

Was there an Open Bar?