Went to labor & delivery last night, and all I got was this lousy night's sleep (and a shot)

I’m 35 weeks 3 days pregnant–jusssssssssssst shy of being full term (I’ve read 37 weeks is considered full term, though I’d always thought it was 37). My first came at 37 weeks, and my sisters all delivered by 37 weeks, so that this little guy is knocking on the door before the party is supposed to start isn’t surprising.

Yesterday, I had annoying Braxton-Hicks contractions all day long–painless, but intense pressure that would make me suck in my breath if caught off guard. I’ve had them since 16 weeks, and it isn’t unusual to have these “practice contractions” as they’re also called; these were just more intense. Add to that my pelvis was KILLING me–I felt like I’d ridden my horse for 12 hours; it was that same hip-widened OUUUUCH–and that some of these BH turned painful, I had to wonder.

When I finally lay down to rest, I started timing them just out of curiosity…and, huh, looky there. There’s a pattern. I was having contractions lasting about 1 minute every 7 minutes. Bah, see if they change when I change position. Nope. Bah, see if they keep up the pattern for long. Hmm. 90 minutes later, I threw in the towel and called my OB at 9:30pm. Hie thee to the L&D wing of the hospital, he tells me. Boo.

I go there, and while the contractions definitely register, they aren’t as regular anymore (of course) and they aren’t increasing in frequency. Once making sure the contractions were happening on their own (and not stimulated by exam), they checked my cervix. Look, it’s no fun when hubby’s amply-endowed baby maker hits my cervix, but having two fingers poke and prod and scrape across it?? :eek: At least she found what she was looking for: nothing. I’m not at all dilated or effaced. (Last time with my first, I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced at 36 weeks without having felt a thing, so that was another reason to come in.) The cervix is very soft, which means dilation and effacement is next on its agenda.

They gave me a shot of terbutaline to halt the contractions and orders to rest, stay off my feet, and no sex–aw, poor hubby–as this little guy needs to cook jusssssst a bit longer before his grand appearance. I’ve had a few more BH contractions this morning–several more, actually–but there is no pattern to them.

Even though my ultimate diagnosis was “false labor,” the nurse repeatedly told me I did the right thing coming in…it’s better that I come and get checked then stay home wondering (and risk things progressing). I still felt a bit silly for coming in, but I do logically know at least it was the right thing to do.

I didn’t have these false alarms with my first, but because everything happened so fast with that one (dilation/effacement without feeling it; most of early labor wasn’t felt at all; went from water breaking to birth in 2 1/2 hours), there is concern of a surprise factor. I do NOT want to be one of those Discovery Health ladies who feels nothing then suddenly gives birth on the kitchen floor.

At least 10 more days baby boy, mkay? And not just because bills are due, hubby’s winter concert (he’s a middle school music teacher) is next week, and I have Christmas shopping to do. Get those lungs fully cooked and then come scream your arrival, a’ight?

Ooooooo baby on the way! ** settling in for the good stuff ** Oh, not so much, huh? Well, I can put off my good cry another few days. Birth stories always do that to me!

With my third pregnancy, I had Braxton-Hicks all day long the day before he was born, semi-regular (anywhere from three to 15 minutes apart, but they never stopped). It was 12-hour long Is This The Day?~fest. I finally gave up at 10 at night and went to bed, only to be awakened the next morning by the real thing. No doubt about it!

But my labor was pretty fast. I can’t remember how much dialated I was when I went in, but that marathon BH session the day before I’m pretty sure did a lot of the work.

Now, get online and get that Christmas shopping done!

Fingers crossed that your little one stays nice and snug where it is for just a couple of weeks more! But really good that your L&D staff were so careful to check on things, despite the discomfort. A few weeks ago when I was full term, contractions started on a Friday arvo, and stayed over 1 min long and 6-7 min apart for about 24 hours. We went into the hospital to check progress, but after external monitoring I was told I was in false labour, and sent home without an internal exam.

Things intensified that evening, and around 2am on Sunday I called with contractions 1.5 min long and around 4 min apart, and in quite a lot of discomfort - and was told I could come in 'if I liked, but you’ll be labouring a long time in hospital, so your choice. Why not take a couple of panadol?" Feeling like I was obviously being a wuss, I stuck it out at home for another couple of hours, and finally had to admit defeat, and headed in (around about the time I started feeling like pushing :eek:)

At the delivery ward they wanted to externally monitor me for another 20 min until I demanded an internal exam, at which point they found I was over 9cm dilated, and they had to make a mad scramble to get my ob into the hospital before I delivered. Even to the point of telling me to breathe through the need to push (my Mum gave me the much more helpful advice to pant to slow things down).

Still, all worked out well - Baby from Mars arrived safe and sound within an hour of arriving at the ward, and she’s just lovely. So wishing you the best of luck when your little one finally arrives!

If it makes you feel any better, with my first I went in, only to be told I probably had a UTI. They gave me antibiotics and sent me home. I asked my OB to check me that afternoon and he advised that I get admitted. My son was delivered 32 hours later (it was a tough night and day…and other night) after an excruciatingly long period of active labor.

This time, I was having shooting pain in my hips. I had been working out that afternoon, so at first I thought I was just having cramps from exercise. I had back labor with my son, so I was expecting different pain. Plus, I had only been 4 cm at the doctor’s appointment I had at lunchtime that day, but those pains just wouldn’t go away. By the time I went in for evaluation at 11:43 p.m., I was at 7. My daughter was born just hours after my birthday a couple of weeks ago, after a mere five hours of labor.

Delivery can happen crazy fast. Here’s hoping your little one sticks in there a while.

Ugh, still contracting, though irregularly, and they’re starting to morph from “uncomfortable” to “ow.” Bleh.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement, ladies. I’m freakin’ tired from the shitty night’s sleep (got home from hospital at 1am, then either had contractions or dreamed about them all night so I slept like shit, then was awakened at 6am by RuffLlama crawling in bed with me), but again I appreciate everything all of you are saying. Girl from Mars, geeeez! I’d be raging for an exam. Big oops there. That’s kind of like with my first; everyone kept telling me I’d go over my due date, that at 36 weeks son had to be only 5-6lbs…then WHAMMO. He was 7lbs 11oz.

This one was already measuring 6lbs 3oz last week, and my belly is measuring about 2 weeks ahead. This is interesting, as with #1, I was measuring small at this point. What’s also interesting about my big belly is the OB nurse commented on it: “You’re large for 35 weeks–have they told you that?” “Yes.” “Well, with the uterus it isn’t about time–how many weeks you are–it’s about size. It reaches a certain point then it starts sending out signals: ‘Okay, I’m at max inflation. Time to birth a baby!’”

Gotta wonder how accurate that is. Gonna try and snooze if I can between the uncomfortable/ow.

Thinking of you during this exhausting time, Ruffian!

Hang in there, Ruffian! It won’t be long now, no matter when the baby decides he’s ready to see all the pretty things out here. I hope you can catch up on your sleep before things get hopping!

Have you tried drinking some water?

I had awful Braxton-Hicks with all my kids, and oftentimes, drinking a couple of glasses of water would help. Supposedly there’s a connection with BH & being a little dehydrated.

If memory serves, you have a scheduled c-section to hold out for - fingers crossed that you can get there, but if you don’t, here’s hoping it all goes smoothly :slight_smile:

Yes, Neeps, the C-section is scheduled for 12/21, when I’ll be 38 weeks, 1 day. The OB wouldn’t schedule earlier than that, but considering my family history (and my own), I have serious doubts this little guy is waiting that long. This is especially so as he’s already measuring bigger than his brother was at this point.

Contractions seemed to quiet last night, and I slept hard. I’ve had few minor BH-like ones this morning, but nothing significant. The worst was yesterday, the contractions were at their worst when I would lie down–a bit hard to rest that way. I have figured I’m in prelabor, not actual labor, so at least it does stop and I have time to rest.

Good luck, ruffian! After a particuarly rough delivery experience with our first (she didn’t dialate all the way), resulting in a c-section, for our second my wife booked a planned c-section as soon as she could. Kid waited until he was supposed to come for that one, to our relief.