Were all four of Liza Minnelli's husbands gay?

Whoever calls it an immaculate conception ought to know that that terms means a conception by normal biological means, but with a soul “immaculate” of original sin. Is that what Garland’s studio colleagues meant?

You’re being obtuse. The idea that there actually is testimonial evidence of Minnelli’s homosexuality (or at least bisexuality) too much for you to take in? Whether or not they meant it in the classic Catholic manner or not is irrelevant. The meaning is clear in the context. Quibbling over whether people who said something 50 years ago meant what they appeared to mean in context or meant a particular theological concept is kind of, I don’t know…diversionary?

Let it go.

Leaving aside the rather dippy diversion into the meaning of “immaculate conception,” I notice Walloon that you haven’t answered my question.

I knew you’d be posting in here. :smiley:

And as long as we’re spreading rumors, how many of Lisa Marie Presley’s husbands have been gay?

What I am complaining about is how evidence of Vincente Minnelli’s heterosexual side is willfully ignored in a rush to declare, “He’s gay!” Any evidence presented in that direction (and I’ll repeat, he was married four times and had two children) is dismissed as a coverup. Under that double standard of evidence, it’s easy to bias the case. Much of Gerald Clarke’s evidence sounds second hand (“who told friends of Judy”), presumptive (“the common assumption at the studio”), or unattributed (“homosexual or mostly homosexual”), leaving only Lester Gaba as what could be called un-hearsay evidence. If you apply the same rules of evidence to both sides of the argument (and read Minnelli’s autobiography), you might get a more balanced perspective on the question.

Well, Walloon, at the very least, it sounds like he was most certainly BIsexual, if not outright gay.

Hehehe…supervenusfreak just got a magazine this week with recreations of the Minnelli/Gest wedding photo with Jack Black as Minnelli and Will Farrell as Gest. I’ve been looking desperately for an online version of the photo for the last half hour…

Anybody seen today’s Opus cartoon? (It’s not online or I’d link to it.) It’s got a slam on Liza and her last hubby (for starters it shows her carrying him over the threshold of the wedding suite!)

Jack Black and Will Ferrell’s Liza-and-David show.

Heh! Thanks, Walloon. The actual wedding picture recreation is strikingly scary. Where they got a celebrity impersonator who actually looked like Michael Jackson, I have no idea…

That “today” pic looks suspiciously like a Photoshop project to me.

The lighting is all wrong. The skin tone is all wrong. That is not her body. Hell, I don’t even know (on enlarging the pic) that anything from the neck down is real. There’s no depth to the fabric of the dress at all…it’s just absolutely matte black.

I saw Liza on Arrested Development last night and she looked like a pretty, slightly overweight middle-aged lady (and, I might add, she gave a pretty good comic turn—has she found her niche as a sitcom actress?).

Here I thought her “niche” was as an Academy-, Tony-, Emmy-, and Grammy-winning performer with an amazing voice (although not someone who selects songs to my taste).

Well, I don’t think anyone was saying that she was one fugly thing (I wasn’t, at least), just that the “recent” pic posted in this thread was way not real…

I meant her middle-aged niche, Otto. I think her Broadway and movie-star days are behind her.

Middle aged? How many women do you know who live to be 114?

I have a feeling we’re going in about 5-10 years see Liza back on Broadway, doing an Elaine Stritch-style one-woman show. Stripped down stage, a dearth of chorus boys, just a stool and a spotlight. And she will be hailed as an underappreciated genius and the debacles of her past will be forgiven as America (and by “America” I mean of course “New York theatre-goers”) will gather her to its collective bosom and tell her that it loves her.