Were all four of Liza Minnelli's husbands gay?

I know #1 and #4 were/are. What about #2 (Jack Haley, jr.) and #3 (Mark Gero)?

I’ve definitely heard rumors about Jack Haley, Jr. Not unlike the rumors I’ve heard about Jack Haley, Sr.

Whether either one is/was verifiably homosexual, no clue. Sorry.

Is she attracted to gay men or is she just clueless?

Besides, it could be argued that Liza just wants a guy just like the guy that married dear old mom. Let’s see…Vicente Minelli, Mark Herron…

Heck, Liza’s Grampa Gumm was a closeted gay man. And her stepfather (Mark Herron) had an affair with her husband (Peter Allen)!

Garlandland is a VERY gay place…

Mary, it’s an old family custom! Her mother married gay men, her grandmother married a gay man . . . The fact that there are three generations alone is reason for hat-doffing.

As if hats were still in style. Pshaw!


They may have turned gay after seeing Liza naked. <shudder>

LOL StinkFish
I think it hasn’t dawned on Liza, that in order for a gay marriage to work, both partners have to be gay.
Man, that family is as messed up as the Jacksons/

Vincente Minnelli had four wives and two children.

And you have seen her naked?

Liza could be quite sexy when she was younger. Heck, she can even look sexy today.

I’m kinda curious how many years ago Walloon’s “today” picture was taken, or at least how much airbrushing it was subjected to.

Anyhoo, Minnelli in her more-or-less present state can be seen on occasional episodes of Fox’s news Sunday-night comedy Arrested Development. She’s dating the rather nebbishy older brother of the central character (a man some 30 years her junior) and it would not surprise me at all if he was eventually revealed as gay.

He was still queer as a three-dollar bill. In Hollywood, the surface is NEVER to be trusted, especially in the 40s, 50s, or 60s.

If you’re using “sexy” in terms of what it meant in the language of the ancient Etruscans, who said the phonemes “sex-ee” when they meant to impart the concept “just as terrifying as all hell,” I see your point.

Yes, jayjay Hollywood is as phony as it gets.
In the words of Oscar Levant, “In Hollywood, you have to scrape away the tinsel to get at the real tinsel”.

AAAH!!! That recent pic-what the hell? Enough make up, Liza? And holy freaking teeth, Batman!

I’ll ask, jayjay, what evidence do you have that Vincente Minnelli was actually homosexual, and not just effeminate. “People thought he was” isn’t what I’m talking about. Clearly some people thought he was. I’m asking for evidence that he really was.

Walloon, perhaps the fact that discovering Minnelli in bed with another man was what led to Garland’s first suicide attempt? (from “Get Happy” by Gerald Clarke)

Or maybe the admittedly probably biased website glbtq’s bio of Minnelli?

Overall, though, the saying “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” tends to be true. Especially when there’s a LOT of smoke, and the room is practically bursting with it when it comes to Minnelli’s sexual proclivities…

Walloon, what will you accept as “evidence” other than a declaration from Minnelli himself that he was gay?

In Get Happy, Garland biographer Gerald Clarke identifies Lester Gaba as Minnelli’s longtime companion. He describes Minnelli as “homosexual, or mostly homosexual,” talks about two young male actors who told friends of Judy’s that they had been with Minnelli, discusses the common assumption at the studio that Minnelli was gay and the jokes surrounding Liza’s birth that given Minnelli’s “uncertain” sexuality Liza was the result of immaculate conception.

Better look up the term “immaculate conception”. It doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Otto didn’t call it an immaculate conception. Minnelli’s and Garland’s colleagues called it an immaculate conception. Otto was just reporting what Clarke wrote that Garland’s studio colleagues were saying.