I have turned 3 lesbians straight

God I do love the local blog comments sometimes. This was in response to a posting about the news story on the Judge’s ruling WRT a lesbian nurse.

Wait… How did he turn three lesbians straight? He never mentioned methods and techniques! Did he grandfather his way in? I know a couple of those kind of guys.

Okay, I’m confused. Does a three lesbian straight beat a full house?

And did they give their toasters back?

I dunno, but it’s better than a hand full of queens.

I am going to choose to believe that that comment was written by a woman.

Healing power of prayer?

. . .and boy, are they ever pissed off.

Typical. I drive them to lesbianism and Kramer brings them back!

Does this mean their soft ball team sucks now or what?

Bob Saget maybe.

You know, before I knew it was a blog poster comment at the bottom, I started reading the linked article thinking, “…That’s gotta be one Hell of a gavel.” :eek:

I am pretty sure more than just three lesbians want to beat Bob Saget.

“Well he’s a great chiropractor, but he keeps bragging about all the lesbian customers he has”

Hey, I can balance him out - one sight of me nekkid, and those three will go right back to being lesbians again. :smiley:

Reading the comments at the bottom reminds me why I like the Dope- where ignorance is fought and sanity reigns…mostly.

Explain to me why the judge’s ruling is a setback for opponents of DADT? He seems to be supporting the fact that enforcing it was unconstitutional. Hep me out here, what did I miss?

  1. Count em–4 lesbians I have turned straight, & one Colombus Monkey I have taught to be a butler. And to tapdance. Tapdancing monkey butler.
    Top that.

Well, did you use the same method in all five cases? :wink:

And then one look at me, and they’d go back to being straight.

Must be nice. I turned 2 straight girls into lesbians. Well, that I know of, anyway.

Is he named “Brian Dennehy”?