We're expecting a baby

I completely agree. But there are days, weeks and months I’d have loved to fast-forward.

Ayuhp! (Accompanied by sage looks and wise nodding of head, of course) wonder if andy got the Manual Of Dadhood yet

So I realize the baby’s not a puppy or a kitty, but I think a photo is still in order. Surely you’ve taken one or two by now…

I came out of lurking to congratulate you. I’ve always liked you and am so happy for you. We just had a baby in March. He’s six months old tomorrow. It’s crazy how fast they grow.

Thanks so much, and congrats to you as well (and great to see you posting)! Babies are wonderful. I’m loving being a dad, lack of sleep and all.

To the pic requesters, I appreciate your kind interest, but we’re being kind of paranoid about the weirdness that can happen online with pictures of children. We’ve only posted pictures in which the baby’s face is turned away. Any Doper is welcome to become friends with me on FB to see those, though.

Tiny Beans is a great app for safe sharing of baby pictures. My daughter, who is the most Type A planner and researcher ever, uses it to share with trusted family and friends pics of my one and only grand baby.

I agree wholeheartedly with your being protective of online likenesses, it is called for in this day and age. I do the same with my grand baby.

Congrats on the most rewarding and terrifying thing you’ll ever do. The trick is knowing which any one development is.

Visit soon and share stories.

Thanks very much!

YAY Doper Babies !!! Very happy for you both !
When you do the reveal? Try not to burn down the entire state. Just sayin’ :smiley:

Congratulations! I’m really excited for you!

It is! Congratulations!

you should of told us … congrats

and congrats to the op … how long until we get post saying " my kid argues better than i do "

Welcome back spice weasel, and hearty congratulations on the arrival of your wee bairn too. :hugs:

Congratulations to @iiandyiiii and @Spice_Weasel! I hope both your families are doing okay in lockdown.

Thanks once again for all the kind wishes! Baby is great!

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS. I seem to recall y’all were having trouble conceiving, so this is just wonderful news.

Also, we miss you.