We're going to try polling

We’re going to switch on polling for a while in IMHO (which seems like the obvious place) and see if it crashes the server or other disasters occur. Look for it to start a little later this afternoon (Tuesday 9/22).

There is a poll here, which has instructions on how everything works.

I temporarily stickied it.

Thanks, Ed.

Hey, shouldn’t we vote on this?

Huh. You must have been gone that day. :smiley:


I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no.

___Yes … ___No

Thanks, Ed! Looks groovy.

I done one! :slight_smile:

I, for one, love this feature. I hope it sticks around.

Might it be turned on in this forum so curious posters could explore the feature without cluttering up IMHO?

I think that’s a reasonable request. I’ll do it.

Awesome! Thanks for listening to us minions.


Thank you, Ed.

I’d like to mention that while I have wholeheartedly supported turning on polls, I’ll be happy if they are treated the same way as regular IMHO threads; i.e., closed if inappropriate. Since it will be impossible to move polls, polls that lead to threads that would normally be moved should be closed with a suggestion to open a thread in the appropriate forum. The latter is probably not a great solution, but I think it’s the best.

Just my two cents, imagining that I were an IMHO moderator.

Heh. I see Czarcasm has already imagined it if he were an IMHO moderator.

I’d like to repeat the first paragraph of my rules/instructions post in IMHO here, just so everyone sees it (emphasis added):

We’re not really changing any rules here. Polls have always been allowed in IMHO, but now they’re automated. We know this is a fun new toy to play with, but PLEASE don’t overwhelm the forum with a zillion new polls right away or all of the other threads will get pushed right off the main page.

I hope this sticks around, it’s a nice idea. Good call.

The polls are wonderful. While not perfect in construction (you can’t include every tiny nuance of relgion or politics or what-have-you), I really like the sort of instant glance results. Very helpful indeed. Some minor server resources are involved (computing the scores and painting the lines) but these are miniscule compared to demands on the database when a reply is posted. And the database itself is uninvolved, other than for posts, which it would be even without the polls.

Unless I’m way off, polls don’t appreciably increase the load on a server housing a messageboard. Should run seamlessly.

The SDMB is a little wierd that way – bridges crossed many years ago by far smaller concerns with highly active message boards are still considered risky over here.