Were Jedi allowed to marry/love in the Original Trilogy?

I can’t remember anything in the OT about Jedi and love, sex marriage at all. Yoda says something about a “Jedi craves not” but thats it.

I don’t think there was any indication in the original trilogy. Obi-Wan obviously wasn’t married, but he never said anything about not being allowed to. Yoda wasn’t either, but for all we know his species reproduces by budding. The only indication we have is that Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi, and did father 2 children, and there was nothing that said that got him thrown out of the Jedi order.

shudder anything in the expanded universe before 1999?

Well…I know Luke eventually married Mara Jade…I think?..but I don’t know of those novels were written before 1999…I want to say they were, but I also seem to recall something about how Luke’s New Jedi Order threw out some of the rules of the Old Jedi Order they thought helped being about it’s destruction, the prohibition against romance being one of them.

I could be wrong, though.

The real story behind this change in Jedi policy.

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Even after 1999 there were such stories set in the prequel timeframe. I recall one with that coneheaded council member and his family back on his home planet in some Dark Horse comics. IIRC, it went beyond just his being married, I think he had multiple wives. After AotC came out, which is where this “no marrying” nonsense was actually introduced, they retconned it so that the only reason conehead was allowed to marry was because males were rare in his species so he had to be allowed to mate so as not to dilute the gene pool.

It’s interesting to see what stories were written during the 90s before the prequels came out, when Dark Horse and LFL Licensing were flailing around in the dark. Many of those must now look strange, especially the one where Luke was trying to find details about his Mother.

Thre were only three Jedis in the original trilogy. Not “only three shown,” but only three Jedis. The norm was basically whatever Luke decided it was.

Would seem damned foolish to follow a policy of Chastity when ‘The Force’ runs in the family. You’re kinda guaranteeing that it will become less prevalent in the future.

“Dark Empire” was one of the first of the modern age Expanded Universe stories (it came out shortly after the Thrawn Trilogy of books). In “Dark Empire” Luke encounters a middle aged Corellian Jedi, Kam Solasar(?) living in exile whose father was also a Jedi and trained him. Year’s later after AOTC, there’s a throwaway line in the Luke and Mara wedding issue, about Corellian Jedi being obstinate and doing whatever they choose, including marriage, but traditionally, the Jedi did not marry.

Earlier in the timeline - the Knights of the Old Republic games both mention the prohibition on family ties, love, marriage, all that emotional stuff for Jedi that can hinder them from making proper decisions. There are also at least two mentions in the first game of instances where Jedi in love had real issues with making important decisions due to these ties, as well as at least one person who thinks that a wise Jedi might be able to avoid those problems.

There were also a number of Expanded Universe novels, published before AotC, which featured a Corellian named Corran Horn. He was a Corellian law-enforcement officer, in the post-RotJ era, who discovered that he was (a) strong in the Force, and (b) the son of a Jedi – in fact, he came from an entire line of Jedi.

Both Luke and Leia married and had children. Luke/Mara - Ben, Nat, Kol. Leia/Han - Anakin, Jacen, Jaina. Leia trained for a while as a jedi (she had a red lightsaber, a big no-no for good guys now), but eventually went back to politics.

Incidentally, Leia knew she had twins. Her father should have also known Padme was carrying two babies. In fact, that’s pretty easy to find out without using the Force.

In the OT there were 6 force users: Yoda, Obi-wan, Luke, Leia, Vader and Palpatine. Somehow, other then some sibling sexual confusion, I don’t think that sex and marriage were real big concerns.

In teh EU, you can’t shake a lightsaber without hitting about 20 previously unknown Jedi that Vader and the Emporer missed (bet they would have come in handy a little sooner, huh). Luke does away with most of the prohibitions from the previous Order as he is considered the First of a new breed of Jedi rather then the last of the old and gets to make up new rules for a new Jedi Order.

A good overview of what happened after the execution of order 66 and the Jedi that survived it.

[nit]Nat and Kol were not children from Luke and Mara. They were generations removed.[pick]

They were brothers that lived in the 127 ABY era.

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