Would you give up sex forever if it meant you could be a Jedi?

The members of the Jedi order are celibate, correct? So, supposing you had the midichlorians or whatever and would make a good Jedi, would you be willing to sign on even if it meant you could never have a sexual encounter or relationship as long as you were a Jedi?

I mean, a Jedi! WICKED cool good guys! But no sex for you!

I personally would be willing, although I can’t quite imagine I would successfully complete the training (I’ve never been what you’d call athletic). But I am idealistic and committed.

I think if you want to become a jedi, you’ve already de facto given up sex forever.

A Jedi doesn’t need sex because he has mind tricks to convince him that he is in fact having sex. Even still there’s not much call for Jedi stuff in my little town so no.

I have no desire to be a Jedi; if I lived in the Star Wars universe, I’d rather seek public office or practice law. I certainly wouldn’t give up sex for a job I don’t much want.

Do you get to keep masturbation?

I also don’t think Jedis are celibate; the “problem” is attachment, not coitus. So they might well have a no-monogamy rule. Given that Force-aptitude is genetic (for some mysterious, mystical reason that no one understands, and certainly not because of a high concentration of certain organelles in the Force-user’s blood), the Jedi would rather quickly extinguish themselves if they didn’t get around a bit.

:smiley: My lightsaber will protect my virginity!
Seriously, no and hell no. But Jedi are not celibate, it never says that. They are as lawMonkey says, not supposed to have attachments. Very different.

Good lord. I had seriously never thought of this… THAT is a problem. Can I change my vote?

I know this is EU but Luke changed all that “no attachments, no sex” thing when he took over. He and Leia both married. (Not each other.)

But I voted yes, yes I would.


I voted no.

What good is being a Jedi if you can’t get top shelf tail?

It’s like being a Billionaire Rock Star Astronaut and going home every night to your 87 room mansion and sleeping alone.

Is there a special school for that? Because now I know what I want to be when I grow up.

And no.

Well, now that I’m old and overweight, I aint seein’ much action.

So sure, I’ll be a Jedi, now. :slight_smile:

Not a chance, but what Yoda doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Worst case: they catch you and throw you out, who cares? You’ve got a master’s degree in The Force.

Well, my entire reason for wanting to BE a Jedi was to impress the chicks.

That would put me right over to the Dark Side.

Be careful with that lightsaber; it can END your virginity.

Celibacy is a rule of the Jedi Order, not a requirement for the use of Force-Sensitive powers, which are innate. Jedi don’t form emotional bonds with others because those feelings can cause strife and anguish, which lead to the Dark Side.

I’m voting “No” - since being eligible to become a Jedi means i’m already Forse-Sensitive, and I can just become a Sith lord (or a freelancer) and bang whoever I choose.

“Darth Vader, we meet again. Prepare to defend yourself.”


Umm…let me think about it…OK done. No.

Or the other way around; since I’m not getting any anyway, why not go for the consolation prize?