How much did the Jedi know about Anakin and Padme

I presume they did not know about the pregnancy until near the end of the ROTS. As they have not kicked Anakin out, I suppose they were in the dark about the marriage too. It would seem that they were oblivious. But Obi Wan went to Padme to ask about Anakin and seemed to think she would know, makes me wonder how much they actually knew.

Obiwan knew of course, he was there in the stadium in AOTC with them when they shared a kiss and professed their love for one another. He also earlier in the movie knew Anakin was obsessed with Padme.

I suspect Anakin vowed that they had ended it after that, but remember the first battle of the war started in the same stadium, I imagine that kept everyone busy enough he did not have time to worry about it. I also suspect Obiwan knew something was up with them since they were constantly together, but again he didn’t pursue it.

Obiwan himself had sexual and romantic relationships against the Jedi code when he was younger. In fact I wonder if people aren’t making too big a deal out of the celibacy thing, just because it is policy doesn’t mean it will get you summarily kicked out. More like relationships are not allowed, but hey if you do well no biggie, it certainly seems common for Jedi to flaunt the rule.

Obi-Wan: “The baby is Anakin’s? I’m so sorry”. He leaves.

obi-wan “thanks for the sabre, I’ll make sure your son gets this when he’s ready to hunt you down to save his sister” - oh, too soon?

I believe Yoda must have suspected that Anakin harbored feelings for someone, if not specifically Padme.

Anakin asks Yoda directly why Jedi are not allowed to “love”, IIRC, and Yoda gives his reasoning (emotions clouding judgement, I think). Yoda, who is a little bit empathic, should have been able to tell that this was not just an intellectual question as far as Anakin goes. (To be fair, I bet all Padawan going through puberty (or it’s analogue) struggle with these issues.)

[He should have mentioned that the mates of Jedi may become victims of bad folks seeking revenge on that Jedi, blackmail, and coercion, too. Why didn’t he mention these possiblilities?]

Yoda had “visions” of the furture (portrayed on screen as audio only), and Mace Windu came in and reclined on a sofa/chair to wait until Yoda snapped out of it. Yoda merely says that the future is difficult to see, with emotions clouding it. However, with a little discrete snooping about, and I think Yoda might have been able to figure out who Anakin had a crush on.

I think such things were routine among the Jedi, and everybody just looked the other way. Everyone knows the rule, and knows that the rule is stupid, and that nobody obeys it.

Obi-Wan definitely knew. He wasn’t stupid. And since Anakin was his best friend, I’m guessing he kept his mouth shut. He might not have known they were actually married, but he knew they had a relationship. And there most likely plenty of Jedi to have families.

And Jedi don’t have to be celibate, but they can’t have “official relationships”:

So basically they can do the “friends with benefits” thing. Or visit whores.

Recall that the sole means through which the Jedi replenish their ranks is through the “acquisition” of force-sensitive children shortly after they are born. Presumably “convincing” the parents that life would be better for their child at the Jedi Academy is a lot less complicated if these children are born into whorehouses, than it is if they are born into the households of high-ranking senators.*

Of course, for female Jedi, I assume there is a quietly-taught force ability like “force-supress-ovulation” to prevent any embarrassing situations.

[*I know some star wars theorists think that force ability isn’t strictly genetic, but you’d have a hard time inferring anything else from what we see on-screen.]

Of course, for female Jedi, the original movies implied that they didn’t even exist. Why else would “No, there is another” have been so surprising to Obi-Wan?

I could never tell if that statement was genuine or a snarky burn. When I saw it in theaters, the audience (including myself) laughed at that line, but I think Lucas meant it to be genuine.

I thought he was serious. He probably sensed that the relationship was already strained (“force-detect anxiety” meter pegged when visiting Padme), and the complication of a child makes any break up all the more tragic.


There’s a reason it’s one of the few lines in the prequels that stuck with me. It’s direct, filled with sympathy, and Ewan MacGregor gives it all the emotional impact possible. With just seven words he sums up the whole twisted situation.

Hey, only a Sith deals in absolutes.

(Wait, that’s – um – yeahbuhwhat?)

Who said he was surprised? Yoda says “No, there is another,” the Xwing blasts off, fade to black. We never see Obiwan’s reaction.

Well Padme says in ROTS that if word gets out of her pregnancy, Anakin woukd be expelled and she would have to resign. Makes me think that that everybody did not just “look the other way”. Of course pregnancy is a far bigger thing than a simple relationship and presumably the Council will look even less kindly on a relationship with an influential senator than they would with a random Courasant chick.

I believe the original script said, “If word gets out, and it’s an election year, and the Chancellor tries to shore up sagging popularity by pandering to the ‘values voters’, Anakin would be expelled”.

Considering a Sith Master rose in power to become Chancellor, ran both sides of a civil war and engineered their downfall right under their noses, I would not put to much faith in the observational powers of the Jedi Order.

Well, that’s what the Sith do, after all. I’ve never read any EU stuff, but presumably one of the Sith powers is “screw with those light-side fellows abilities”.

I thought there was some throw-away line in one of the movies about how the Jedi know that their abilities are getting weaker and that being caused by or causing shit happening, and they don’t want to tell anybody because they’ll gang up on them.

Hereit is:

Yoda: Blind we are, of creation of this clone army we could not see.
Mace Windu: I think it is time we inform the senate that our ability to use the force has diminished.
Yoda: Only a Dark Lord of the Sith knows of our weakness. If informed the senate is, multiply our adversaries will.