We're Mods of the Round Table...

What I’m wondering about is the meeting of the Mods. Do the Moderators/Administrators ever get together to discuss pressing issues to the SDMB? Does Coldie hop the Dope Jet[sup]TM[/sup] to fly to the Fortress of Dopitude[sup]TM[/sup]? Does the Fortress of Dopitude[sup]TM[/sup] have a “Hallowed Hall” for just such a meeting of the great powers?(This is my own personal dream of the powerful Moderator get-togethers.)


Do the Moderators video conference with each other on the Dope Phone[sup]TM[/sup], utilizing the latest of internet technology, awaiting orders from Cecil himself? Do they just rarely make the trip to Chicago (the SD Mecca)?(This is more boring, but I could accept it.)


Do the Moderators just e-mail each other, never meeting one another, never actually speaking? (If I find out this is the case, I don’t know what I’ll do.)
Also, is there any sort of grand ceremony when one is made a Mod? Or, do you just get your mug by FedEx and “Congrats, you’re a Mod.” on just a note.

[sub]Yes, work IS kind of boring today.[/sub]

Yes, we meet on occasion, but the last meeting was before Coldfire joined our merry band. Mostly we communicate by email, though. And let me tell you, once you become a mod, you never have Empty Mailbox Syndrome again. On rare occasions, we talk by phone. Email, though, is our most common way of communicating.

I’ve only been to one ModMeet about a year and a half ago (I don’t like to travel at ALL), and I did enjoy it. TubaDiva and C. K. Dexter Haven took me to a dim sum restaurant, which I’ve never encountered before. I could live in Chicago quite happily if they didn’t have that snow stuff every winter.

I do regret that I retired to my room early, as apparently the rest of the gang got together and played strip air hockey. I also heard whispers of whipped cream, but nobody was very forthcoming about details. Oh well.

I’m still waiting for that plain ticket to the Windy City, Lynn. The airport code for Amsterdam is AMS. :smiley:

What, Cecil can’t put out for a fancy ticket? Gold leaf or nothing, I say!

-Derleth, glad he doesn’t have to duck bricks around here.

What, and you didn’t send Vinnie to get all the answers?!? Consarnit, Lynn, we’re fighting Ignorance here, not the Girl Scouts! We need to know these things!