We're number 9!! Woot! U-S-A!

For the first time we broke into the top ten rankings, in a tie for ninth place with Italia:

Yah well, Canada’s so good, we’re not even on the list!!

Ha Ha! Top that!


And in other news, the United States has completed its world dominance. Everyone please raise Old Glory over their capitals. :smiley:

jk of course.

Cool. But the media and the general public here don’t give a flying bat’s tushie. Bah!

Yeah, Tony Kornheiser on Pardon The Interruption was like, ‘I didn’t even know they had an international ranking. Who gives a rat’s ass’ or something. I think it’s pretty cool, although it’s ludicrous that the U.S. is tied with Italy.

14th :frowning:

That’s what happens when you don’t qualify for a world cup, kids. Heritage be damned.

A joke that a USA Soccer team is even ranked anywhere near any european or south american side.

These world rankings are FIFA official, and are an obvious attempt to try and convince the biggest untapped market they have, that it’s home country isn’t so bad after all.

Yeah, they did OK in the World Cup, but the only reason they qualified is because they are one of the best teams from a frankly piss poor qualifying section. Put them in with the South Americans and see how they get on.

While I agree one should not take the FIFA rankings too seriously, that doesn’t do the US team enough justice.

They played a hell of a tournament, and are deservedly in the Tope 10.

:slight_smile: I can live with that.

The FIFA rankings are a load of cobblers because they start from the wrong position.

They take account of all competetive tournament matches. This means that the USA 's ranking gives weight to games against the likes of tobago.

Qualification to the World Cup also counted towards the rankings, rewarding the USA twice for easy games (basically beer matches being worth as much as games against Germany).

Comapare and contrast with Holland, who are one of the best around. Because they threw a huge internal hissy fit they failed to qualify from a hard group, full of tough games. ie they are punished twice.

Any of the 30 countries below the USA in the rankings could have the USA on toast.

The USAs style (fast athletic, long ball, power game) is very depressingly familiar to any Englishman (or Scot or Irish or even, heaven help us, the welsh). It gets found out in seconds flat.

Enjoy your day in the sun by all means. Just don’t think it means sod all.

(Although Keller’s playing very well for us at the moment)

Enjoy our moment in the sun???

Evidently, somebody is under the erroneous impression that we Yanks CARE where our national soccer team is ranked!

I was one of the many Americans who rooted for the U.S. to go 0-3 in the first round of the World Cup, so we’d get eliminated quickly, and the U.S. television networks would stop broadcasting the games entirely!

That’s pathetic, astorian.

Well, with the enormous year-round airplay “soccer” gets in the US, I can see how it could get annoying for all those 8 or 9 Americans that don’t like football.

Besides, I rooted for Holland not to even qualify, and it helped! :slight_smile: