We're ready for your close-up, Mr. Terrorist

Is it just me or is the GIANT photo of dead Alzarqawi plastered all over everything just a tad on the morbid side? I understand he was a bad guy. I believe that he’s dead. I just find it distasteful in the extreme to continue posting it, broadcasting it, or printing it. What kind of joy or vindication do people get from looking at a close-up of his deadness?

The U.S. is so distrusted in the Arab world right now, I suspect the Pentagon is doing this to make it absolutely clear that they DID nail al-Zarqawi and that it’s not just another erroneous report. Which will only stoke resentment among the Sunnis, of course, leading to still more unpleasantness…

I’m wondering where they went to have it framed. “A nice blond-wood frame, please–something that will look good over the living-room sofa, but won’t clash with the end table.”

Well, it’s the US government that held the press conference with the huge blown-up photos of the late Mr. al-Zarqawi plastered everywhere,.

Hey, at least they didn’t wheel the corpse itself out for the media, which, IIRC, was what was done with Che Guevara when he met his end.

And now, inevitably, I’m wondering how long it will be before al-Zarqawi, like Che, T-shirts become a popular fashion statement.

…and some wallet-sized for the grandparents.