Were you a homebirth?

Were you born at home? The thread asking whether we were breastfed piqued this question to me.

My mother was induced, and when I still wouldn’t come out, they came in after me. :wink:

In 1961 I don’t think homebirthing was something that was done on purpose.

I was born at a hospital, but my youngest brother was born at home. My mother went the whole non-traditional route with that one. In any event, it all went smoothly and safely, so it’s as much an endorsement for homebirth as you can get.

Nope. Born in 1974, it just wasn’t done by middle class WASPS. I was born in a hospital like God intended, with the help forceps and an elderly male obstetrician. My mother was always proud that it was a “natural” birth, meaning unmedicated. She used Lamaze, while the nurses kept trying to gas her. She got the mandatory enema and pubic hair shave, and I was kept in the nursery and grudgingly brought to her to breastfeed every 2 hours, since she was a crazy hippie who refused to let the nurses bottlefeed me like a normal baby.

No, but I was nearly a car birth! Mom didn’t realize she was in labor with me until it was almost too late, she thought she was just having really bad gas. I wasn’t due for another 10 days or so. Dad said he thought he was going to have to pull the car over and deliver me on the side of the road. As it turned out, they did make it to the hospital, but just barely. I was born less than an hour after they got to the hospital.

It is pretty interesting what people know about their own birth.

I was born in hospital, born angry with clenched fists punching my mother. On my birthday I tease my mum by shaking my angry fists at her and it never fails to give her misty eyes.

She did it unmedicated, and had my sisters at home once she knew she could do it.

My sister was born in 1975. My mom apparently used a birthing chair. She seemed to think it helped, but by the time I came around in 1981 the birthing chairs weren’t available any more.

My uncle was a taxi birth - this would have been 1936 or 37, and my grandparents didn’t own a car. Their next child, my aunt, was a home birth because my grandmother didn’t want another taxi baby. Other than that, everyone else showed up at hospitals.

I was born in a hospital.
My mother said she was heavily medicated as any civilized birth should be.
She was born at home, no doctor because she was born during a blizzard and the doctor couldn’t get there.

No, I don’t live in a fucking jungle

I was born in a hospital, but came out asleep! Once the doctor determined that I was ok, my mom said a bunch of medical students paraded in and out of the room to look at the baby that was delivered asleep. She wasn’t too happy about that, but presumably she gave the doctor permission to have the students come in. She also left the hospital with me early because the guinea pig my parents had at the time needed a shot that only she knew how to give to him (I guess they didn’t want to board him at the vet or didn’t have time to).

God no. I think voluntarily homebirthing is insane. Have all the patchouli you want but have it at a hospital. When seconds can make a difference between life and death, I say have a trained OB or certified midwife at your side along with an OR within ten feet.

Most homebirths are attended by trained midwives.

My brother and I were both born in hospital, but my mother was born at home. Not by design. On April Fool’s Day. The rest of her six brothers and sisters were born in hospital. My youngest aunt was almost born at the fair, but they made it in time.

Being attended by a trained midwife is still not the same as being in a hospital. This home birth advocate died giving birth while attended by a midwife: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2094348/Caroline-Lovell-Home-birth-advocate-dies-delivering-baby-daughter-home.html

No, I was born in a hospital. But my mom barely made it to the hospital with a younger sister of mine, born a half hour after arrival.

I was a hospital baby, although it was sleeting that night and when labor nurses sent the OB home he nearly couldn’t get back. They gassed Mom to keep her from having me in the labor ward. My father was born at home under very similar weather conditions, though. It was the late 40’s and they were more than 20 miles from the hospital–safer to give birth at home than to try and make the trip on bad roads.

A friend was born at home in 1974. Older sister was a hospital birth, because it was the Done Thing, but by ’74 they decided home birth was more natural / better. By younger sister, late 1970s, it was back to the hospital because of mom’s advanced age (I’d guess late 30s: different times).

I was born in a hospital, as were all of my siblings. Both of my parents, however, were born at home, as was the norm for rural folks during the depression. Of my maternal grandmother’s 14 children, only the youngest was born in a hospital.