West Coast whiskey

The LA Times food section ran an artical today about whiskies produced by craft distilleries on the West Coast. They mentioned Fritz Maytag’s Old Portrero, St. George Single Malt, and several others. They all sound most intriguing. But before I plunk down the cash for one of these, I’d like to know if any Dopers out there have tried any of them, and what their opinions are.


A friend of mine gave me a bottle of one of the first lot of Old Potrero – a pot-still, single malt rye whiskey – a few Christmases back. It’s very smooth for a 100 proof whiskey, and I’ve doled it out by the thimbleful as a digestif. The bottle’s still 2/3s full.

I was happy to get it, but I’d never have paid for the pleasure. What’s it run, $90 a fifth or something?

You mean the west coast of the US and not of Scotland? I’d be very interested in trying them and I don’t blame you for wanting some info before buying.

I had some from Oregon called McCartney’s or McCarthy’s.

It was aged in oak (and supposedly oregon has good oak) and they were marketing as basically a single malt scotch whisky. I know it can’t really be scotch but it was pretty much the same process.

I had it about 5 years ago, and I don’t recall be affected either way by it.

That’s all I can add.