West Point cadets uniform --buttons

Although I do not like the military, but
because of a fine review I finished reading the book
<u>Absolutely American.</u>
In this book and in another little picture book of the
US Military Academy at West Point, NY

I see what seems to be dozens and dozens of
brass buttons all up and down the dress uniform
and even on the rear flaps.

I have Googled in vain to find out why so many
of these buttons , most of which do not appear
to be used and/or buttoned.

They look stupid – IMO
Can someone tell me when the uniform got so many buttons
and why the school keeps using this multi-buttoned uniform?

Rear flap buttons I believe are there to make it earier for the cadet to wear a sword underneath and/or ride a horse.

If you’re talking about the traditional gray West Point uniforms, they are modeled after uniforms from the War of 1812.

You don’t like us? Whoppee. Then what do you care about how some of us dress?

Correct “whoppee” to “whooppee” above, if you please.

This site has a little blurb in the upper right that asks,

The rest of the site’s kind of interesting. That is, if you don’t dislike the military.

Brasso conspiracy.

Brasso? I wish. Never Dull!

This is relevent in a GQ thread why exactly?

I counted those silly buttons

looks like 4 rows of 8 buttons = 32 Not counting those on the rear flaps.

“Brasso conspiracy” LOL
Next questions are those silly hats thare are about
foot and 1/2 hiigh with some sort of plume still worn
in parades and when they were why was the “chin strap”
not under the chin but under the nose???

Rhino if you want factual answers to your questions you’ll get better responses from people if you don’t include denigrating remarks in your questions. Things like:




will turn away most people who can actually answer your question.

YMMV, of course.