what cadet rank is that?

West Point cadet ranks are a little confusing. Here is a handy guide:

Ok, but that cadet, first row, second from the left has a upside down rank, which isnt on any site I can find. Any cadets or experts here?

Oh, and congrats Cadets!

It looks like this one, Command Sergeant Major.

You’re right that it appears upside down, but I’ve found other pictures of cadets with this rank, and it’s in the same orientation. I haven’t been able to find an explanation for it.

well it isn’t upside down, look at the star and wreath. That’s all I can tell.

Found it! When in doubt, go to the source I suppose.


It’s the Regimental Command Sergeant Major insignia. Now where that figures into the whole cadet rank system, I’m not exactly sure; there are apparently cadet officers and cadet NCOs, but I haven’t the slightest clue how that actually works.

Thanks guys! It being apparently upside down that confused me.

Note that this shows a brigade CSM as one chevron over one rocker …

… but this shows a brigade CSM as two arcs over four inverted chevrons.

I wonder when (and why) they made the change…

That style evokes the way the chevrons for that appointment were worn in the 19th Century Army – though the other ones use the modern points-up style.

As a WAG, having that many chevrons plus that many rockers plus the internal star and leaves, placing the chevrons upward would placed the rockers below the elbow, obscuring them if the arm was bent. Reversing the direction meant that only the tips of a couple of chevrons would be hidden.